Monday, April 9, 2012

My Garbage Find

Because we live in a condo community, the night before garbage pick-up, everyone puts their cans and whatever at the end of each little street. Every other week it is recycling added to the regular garbage.  The other morning {garbage pick up day}I went out to put some mail in the mailbox and saw this.


The regular garbage truck didn’t take it so it was waiting for the recycling truck to come.  It was a “should I or shouldn’t I” moment because I haven’t picked through anyone’s garbage since we moved.  Apparently, I will have to start patrolling the condo community on Monday nights!


I couldn’t resist and saw that whoever was throwing it out had laid the other pieces to it on the top ~ see the little bird and branch.  I don’t think it’s bad for a plastic piece and there is nothing wrong with it!


I grabbed it thinking my daughter might want it for her yard or front garden bed and, if not, I would just keep it.  Wouldn’t you know ~ she wants it!


Better in a garden than the recycling plant, don’t you think?

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  1. Love it! Yes, you are going to have to go on patrol on recycling day!

  2. Absolutely!! Like they say someone elses trash is our treasure! Pretty birdbath Kathy.

  3. How pretty! I am always amazed at what people throw or give way! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Great birdbath. It will look amazing in the yard and the birds will be so fun to watch. Hugs, marty

  5. Kathy we are thinking alike I just painted two pieces (not the ASCP projects on my current post) thinking my daughter might like them and she did!

    One was a demilune table and the other a little chest with 27 small drawers (which granddaughter Isabella claimed)!

    Art by Karena

  6. YES, I would have grabbed it too. Wonder why it was in the trash, it's so cute.

    I always keep an eye out for curbside shopping. You never know what's out there! :) One man's trash....

  7. I love it. I have a similar one in cast iron that came from a garden shop a few years back. You can't tell the difference in the way it looks from plastic! Lucky daughter- xo Diana

  8. Very pretty! I'd love one just like it! Easy to move around, for sure! Your daughter will love it!


  9. Kathy, did you wear a black jumpsuit and cap when you were burglering? Heehee. I don't blame you for picking it up. There's no need to waste something that good and besides I bet the owner would be glad that someone could use it. Lucky daughter!--------- Shannon

  10. I love it. I always feel weird grabbing something from the trash, but once I have it I'm so happy that I did. It's a great find.

  11. Great find!!


  12. Yes, better in another's yard that the "dump"...My very good friends who have retired from federal law enforcement says, that once the items hits the street as "garbage" is public property! go forth and patrol those streets on recycle day!!! A great find!! Yay!!

  13. Wow, it didn't look plastic! It's too cute not to pick up for sure. I love it and would have done the same.

  14. Wow, I would be trolling the streets every Monday....That was a great find! It's funny I am more embarrassed to take a neighbors cast offs than I am to stop my car and grab something blocks away!!


  15. What a great find! Why in the world would someone be getting rid of that??????


  16. Definitely!! I would have saved it too!! You could go curb surfing under cover of darkness!! Lol I have been known to do that on more than one occasion. This is a great find!

    Lou cinda

  17. Its very cute and the less stuff in the landfills the better for all of us. I guess you're going to have to be on the lookout from now on. Who knows what treasures you'll find.

  18. I'm glad you saved it and it will be going to someone who really appreciates it :)

    You are a great mom!


  19. I would be walking on Monday nights, with a flashlight in hand!! This was a great find!

  20. You made the right choice! It's a funny feeling picking up someone else's trash but you quickly get over it! Especially when you get something great...that you can use...for free!

  21. I think that is a great find! I went to visit my brother and they were having a you take day. People would put their unwanted items out and you could just go take it. What ever was left the next day I think the garbage would pick up. I wished that I lived where they did this - so much good stuff gets trashed when someone else would love to have it!

  22. Yes! And your daughter will make some birds very happy!
    xo Cathy

  23. I would have scooped this up, too! Recently my husband slammed on the brakes and said "Look!" He jumped out and snagged a side table from a neighbor's garbage pile by the side of the road! I taught him good!


  24. Absolutely better to be used than in a landfill! It's a cute birdbath.

    I'd be out every Monday night!


I always enjoy reading your comments! Kathy