Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick Stool Makeover

Last week I hit some garage sales on Thursday morning.  I got lucky and found a community garage sale not far from me, so I was actually able to hit more than I normally would, since they were all in this one area.  I found several things at the first one, which included this wood stool. 

2013 07 13_1917

The base was already white and I knew I could do a quick makeover just by painting the top.

2013 07 13_1918

I used what I had left in my Duck Egg sample, applying two coats to the seat portion.  Then I took my “No.” stencil and the number “1” and added that with white craft paint.

2013 07 14_1912

Some Johnson’s Paste Wax {since I ran out of Annie Sloan’s soft clear wax} and its got a whole new look and lease on life! 

2013 07 14_1911

I also found a vanity stool at this same garage sale, which will be done soon.  No rain last week for us, just lots of heat and humidity, so I was able to get it outside for some Heirloom White spray paint early one morning.  Now I just need to work on the seat fabric and I’ll be able to share her with you. 


  1. I love your little stool Kathy and it's simplicity is just charming.

  2. LOVE IT~!!!

    I need to talk to ya about a custom project too.. please email me when you have time..


  3. Super cute! Love the colour and no. 1 :)

  4. So super cute! Love the blue seat! :-)

  5. It looks great Kathy! I always love stools.

  6. Very cute Kathy. Love the stencil idea.


  7. Looks great Kathy! I love make-overs like that...quick and easy!! Hope you're having a wonderful day. Gail

  8. I love the colors, and the stencil- looks great, Kathy. I bet this one won't last long!

  9. Cute cute! You just can't beat the duck egg color. I've used it in my master bedroom, including my bathroom vanity. So pretty! I really like the number you added. I'm so behind on my visiting! But your posts are so much fun. Missing so many sure provides lots of eye candy. Off to catch up on your older posts now

  10. So cute! LOVE the color choice and graphic.

  11. Great stool, Kathy! I love the shade of blue you've chosen and you always get me with numbers :-).

  12. awesome, don't you just love the A.S. paint? The duck egg and provence blue are my faves.

  13. Very cute, Kathy. Can't wait to see your next project.


  14. Hi honey
    I truly love the remake of your stool. It turned out perfect. Such a pretty color
    Love ya

  15. Looks great the combination of the blue and the Johnson Wax worked well??? I tend to switch back and forth from ASCP wax to MMS wax....
    Have a great week!

  16. I love a nice easy project like that! Especially in the heat of summer! That Duck Egg is SUCH a pretty color...LOVE!!

  17. Kathy, I have been out of town and missed so much on your blog! I love the update on the stool! Funny thing, I used Johnson's paste wax most of the time when I had a booth. It really helped me to keep my cost down on wax.


I always enjoy reading your comments! Kathy