Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Flooring ~ Dining Room

Our original thought for doing hardwood was for the dining room, but I already showed you how that expanded to include the home office here.


There is now talk of bringing it into the living room {which is open to the dining area}.   I love it and would choose it over carpet anytime!  We will wind up with carpet in the bedrooms though.  Here is the dining room before ~ with and without furniture. 



Here it is with the carpet and padding taken up.


The bonus to this for us is that my hubby is handy and is doing the floors, so we are saving on the labor.  We went with a floating engineered hardwood floor in the dining area {the office was a glue down hardwood floor}.  If it weren’t for the cuts that have to be made, this is a quick and easy floor to install.


Done and with the furniture back in place! 



Felt feet are on the bottom of everything! 


This is a Schon flooring also, but this one is a wider plank and it is Bamboo. 


Just need to add the quarter round molding to the base molding {that will cover the gaps between the floor and the molding}.


I am thinking of using an area rug I already have under the table, but before I broach that subject with hubby, I figured I should let him enjoy the fruits of his labor for a bit.  This is the rug I’m thinking of using.  This is from shortly after we moved in and I had put it in the sunroom.   It has neutral colors and a pretty floral vintage look to it.


You might also have noticed that we changed out the ceiling light fixture in the dining area.  While I love that fixture it just wasn’t conducive to a dining area.  Perfect for an entry or hallway though.  It is so big that I can’t use it here, so it will be going on Craigs List.  We replaced it with another light I had gotten prior to our move {from the former CSN Stores}. 


  1. The floors are beautiful Kathy! Your husband is very handy.


  2. The floors are gorgeous! I love the color. Your husband did a great job installing them too.

  3. Love your new floor, absolutely gorgeous, your dining table/chairs and the new floor are lovely. Mary

  4. The floors are beautiful Kathy. I love hardwood too!

  5. great choice with the flooring, your DR is wonderful, and love those chair slips!!

  6. Your floors look great, Kathy! I love how it looks with your dining room table. Your home as always looks beautiful in every single part of it. I hope you're enjoying a great summer! ~ Jamie

  7. Kathy, I love your new flooring! It all looks wonderful! I also love your new lighting! Your home is magazine ready! Gorgeous!

  8. I love your floors Kathy! They look gorgeous.


  9. Your husband did a fantastic job. Your floors are beautiful!

  10. Your floors look beautiful Kathy!! How nice that hubby was able to install them!

  11. I'm so impressed with your husband's handy work. He did such a great job on the floors. I love how hardwood looks and I love the idea of an area rug as well.

  12. Wow!! You must be thrilled!! I looks awesome, Kathy!! ~Zuni

  13. Looks gorgeous! I like the wood much better than the carpet.


  14. Beautiful! you're so lucky your husband is handy!

  15. I'm with you, wood over carpet any day! Love the new look. Thanks for telling about your husband doing it himself. For some reason I thought it was a tough job. Tell him it looks great!

  16. Your new floors are just gorgeous! It really makes the room look richer. Love it!!

  17. The wood floors are beautiful and do think the rug would add a nice touch. Wow your hubs is pretty talented and would let him enjoy the fruits of his labor. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my cottage mantel.

  18. Hi Gal! Wow! The new flooring looks fab, and I must say that your home is just SO lovely! I clicked to enlarge the photos and it sure makes a huge difference to be able to see all the details, and how beautifully you pull them all together! Just love it all!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  19. Boy your hubby sure worked fast to get that all done! It looks fabulous! I bet you do a lot of standing a looking LOL! I have hard wood floors (With quarter round) I have a rug under my dining tables, it breaks up the floor a little. Enjoy it is gorgeous!


  20. Your new floor is gorgeous Kathy! It looks wonderful and it will be so much easier to take care of! I love hardwood floors...they add such a warmth to a space and are so practical! Angie xo

  21. Your new floors look fantastic....Kudos to hubby!!!..
    Yes, you certainly need to keep lots of felt pads on hand...!...The room looks wonderful Kathy...I am sure you are so very happy with it!!

  22. Wow! Kathy! Those are amazing! You did such a great job :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  23. Your new floors have completely transformed your home! I love them. I am such a fan of wood flooring and would have it throughout the entire house if I could afford it. Although, I do think bedrooms benefit from carpeting. Your husband did a great job installing it. You're lucky to have him be able to do it for you. That saved a lot of money. When we had ours installed, we had to pay someone to do it. Enjoy your new floors!!

  24. You got a very floor there and the space is very beautiful.


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