Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First Snow & Valentine Vignette

We woke up to our first real snow of the season this morning. 

Just enough to be an inconvenience for those traveling during rush hour.  And it will be nice and frozen for the trip home in the evening.

Since I stayed home, I took the opportunity to put all the Christmas bins back up in the attic. I also decided to put together a little Valentine's Day vignette on the coffee table.

I just pulled some red books from our book shelves and added in a few other little things.

I need to pour over some of my decorating books for some other vignette ideas.

I've still got some empty spaces that need something and I'd like to do something different from what I had before the holidays.  Do you put everything back the way you had it before the holidays or do you take this time to come up with something different?


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