Sunday, September 30, 2012

Williams Sonoma Copycat, Copycat

Got that?  It’s a Williams Sonoma copycat that I am copycatting from Sonny at 155 Dream Lane.  After seeing Sonny’s post on that great wrapping paper from Ballard Designs, I headed over to the Ballard’s website and ordered some.  I found the perfect frames at Goodwill last week for this project, too.

2012 09 24_8636

The frames were ready “as is”, so I cleaned them, cut the wrapping paper to fit and got these two great pieces!  This cost me under $10.00 for the frames and the cuttings of wrapping paper I used.

2012 09 24_8637

Sorry, no matter which way I stood or turned them, I got glare or a reflection.

2012 09 24_8638

2012 09 24_8640

2012 09 24_8642

Thanks, Sonny, for sharing your great idea!  These are coming with me to the Holiday Market in November.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goodies In The Mail

I got some goodies in the mail recently!  The very creative Elizabeth from Creative Breathing sent me this very cute Halloween crow for my birthday.  I was so thrilled that she did that, but not surprised because that is Elizabeth.  Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I love him!

2012 09 23_8588

I got my witch’s hat from my partner, Debby from Cozy Blanket


Love it and all the goodies she sent along!

2012 09 23_8586

2012 09 23_8587

And I sent out some goodies, too.  Elizabeth’s birthday is this month and I decided to send her two tea towels to give her an early start on Christmas.


Knowing that she loves vintage images, I thought she might get a kick out of these.



Getting goodies and sending goodies ~ such a great feeling! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Copycat

This picture is one of the first pictures I pinned when I joined Pinterest.  It is from French Larkspur and was used as a place setting.

copycat picture

I vowed that this year I would try to create this for myself.  It’s very simple so I figured it shouldn’t be a real challenge.  I used some pinecone filler that I already had and teacups that I already had as well.


Printed out “Fall” on some cardstock and distressed the edges with some Distress Ink, and put the tag on top of the first teacup filled with pinecones.


Easiest and quickest copycat I think I’ve done to date!


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Witch’s Hat

The most recent swap I participated in was a witch’s hat swap hosted by Vivian at Viv Out On A Whim.  My partner was Debby from Cozy Blanket {who I actually know in real life, too!}.  I started out with a felt witch hat from Hobby Lobby, some candy corn wire ribbon and candy corn buttons {also from Hobby Lobby}.


I decided to pleat the wire ribbon and use it around the brim of the hat.  I hand sewed this on using black thread.



The candy corn buttons came in three sizes so I selected a few of each size and randomly sewed them on to the cone portion of the hat.


You could make a few of these hats for decorations or Halloween party favors.  I was able to sew the ribbons and buttons on while watching television.



In addition to the hat, we were to also send along some goodies.  I found mine at Cracker Barrel ~ a pumpkin car freshener, this cute little bottle with its own witch’s hat topper, and these pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.  

2012 09 16_8539

A trick or treat bag I sewed up.


With the candy corn theme going on, I had to send along some candy corn, too.  A little note card and it is off to Debby!

2012 09 16_8541

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrifty Finds With A Purpose

I swung by Goodwill on Monday, while I was out, and after not finding anything I was really looking for, I switched gears and started to think about what I could use at the Holiday Market for display purposes.  Here’s part of what I came home with.


The large Christmas floral in the back was in really good shape and for $2.99, I thought it would make for a nice display on the main table, since it is a Holiday market.


The glassware I’m going to use to hold some candy for customers to the booth ~ some of those red and white peppermints in one and in the other maybe Christmas chocolate kisses.  For the large glass container, I am going to use that to hold the large boxes of match boxes I’ll be dressing up.

2012 09 24_8633

I couldn’t pass up this little tote and it can hold tags, but I will also sell it.  Once it is transformed it will be good to go.

2012 09 24_8634

The little silver tray reminded me of those Ex Voto hearts {did I spell that right?}.  I thought this would be good to hold some of my cards.  The last two I found on my way out.  They were still on the cart to be put on the shelves, but I caught a glimpse of their size and color {even with things piled on top of them}.

2012 09 24_8636

These frames will be great for a project I’m copycatting from another blogger.  I don’t even have to do anything to them, just clean them up.  The frame is already black, which I wanted, and the glass is intact.  I will show you what I do with them in another post.   What do you think of these display ideas?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Great Finds

I hit the local antique mart on my way home from the post office.  You never know what you might find there.   This trip I found this great little stool.

2012 09 21_8545

The only thing I’m adding to this little guy is a graphic to the top. 

2012 09 21_8546

You can see how little he is in relation to my coffee table in this picture.

2012 09 21_8547

The other item I found was this pediment type piece.  I’m sure it probably came off some piece of bedroom furniture.


It wasn’t marked with a price and I was afraid it was going to be more than I wanted to spend on it.  Turned out it wasn’t, so I happily brought it home.  This one will be getting painted and I can’t wait to play with that detail.

2012 09 21_8543

Not bad for $20.00!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wood Floor In Sunroom ~ The Finale

The final wood floor has gone in ~ in the sunroom.  The only other flooring we are changing is carpeting in the two bedrooms and we are probably going to have that done within the next couple of weeks.  Here is the sunroom “before”.


The beginning stages.  This is a bamboo hardwood, click and lock flooring.

2012 09 15_8497

So easy even I could do it!  It took all day Saturday but we got it done, including the additional molding needed to finish it off {not shown in these pictures}.

2012 09 15_8500

I love how it looks in here and it goes really well with the furniture and the window valance fabric.

2012 09 15_8503

2012 09 15_8505

Now I absolutely  have to stop procrastinating and finish those valances!   Hopefully, I’ll have a full finished room to show you next week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Vignettes


I find it difficult to decorate for Fall when it is still 94 degrees out, but I couldn’t resist starting since I am so eager for it to arrive this year.  I decided to start in our dining area and changed out the tabletop display on the chest I have in here. 


I took away most of it and added in this chalkboard, which was part of a set from D├ęcor Steals.  I hung a small wreath/candle ring over the handle portion and just wrote Welcome Fall {there wasn’t enough room to add “thank God you’re here, it’s been a horrible Summer”!} on it.



I added my GW tureen find with another wreath type piece sitting on the platter and encircling the bottom of the tureen.  Super simple ways to add Fall in!


2012 09 13_8475

Some pumpkins from Becky at Timewashed added in and my simple Fall tabletop is done.  This is my third year buying pumpkins from Becky and I love the different designs she comes up with every year.


I then moved over to the table and removed this more Summery centerpiece.


I added in a toile table runner that I had made a year or so ago for our dining room table at our old house.  Then I just added a pedestal tray with a pumpkin and leafy candle ring as a centerpiece.


I also removed my white ruffled slips from the chairs.


I couldn’t leave the ceiling fixture all plain, so I picked up a leaf garland at Michael’s and just draped it around.


 2012 09 13_8468

Some pinecones made it into the teacups over on the French chest, along with a couple more pumpkins from Becky at Timewashed.




More pumpkins from Becky filled up the pedestal birdcage/cloche on the kitchen counter.


In the living room, I added a few small faux pumpkins to the mantel. 


Some more pine cone filler to the wood tote on the coffee table.


By the front door, I changed out my faux lilacs for some faux Fall flowers in the tote.



And one of Kristen’s swags for my birdcage right around the corner from this hall tree.



Except for adding in some real pumpkins in October, that’s it for me for Fall!

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