Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top O’ The Morning

With cold days still hanging around here, a cup of hot tea is always welcome {or my favorite hot chocolate}.  Today I put together my green bunny teapot and matching sugar and creamer with a few St. Patrick’s Day tea towels I’ve made.

2013 02 21_0506

Some lovely graphics using vintage images found on Pinterest.

2013 02 21_0515

Although I think the clover in the clog is from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

2013 02 21_0518

These three are now in my Etsy!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contemplating the Front Entry/Foyer

The front entry/foyer area in our condo is pretty small.  I am lucky enough to get our hall tree in here, but that’s about it.

2013 02 19_0490

The area that is bothering me is the wall behind the door.  I put these three frames up as an attempt to not have it look so blank, but it’s just not doing it for me.

2013 02 19_0489

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for some ideas; keeping in mind that it is behind the door and I don’t want the door slamming into anything I put on that wall.  You can see how small it is by these pictures of my living room.

2013 02 19_0491

I am standing on the tile, just off the wood, taking these pictures.

2013 02 19_0492

This is what I have found and like, so far.




The Homes I Have Made blog


Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn


Google only source listed

I have things already that I could probably use here.  I have this great clock that I had in the guest room closet after I replaced it with another clock in the home office.  The colors actually pick up on the colors in the door rug.

2013 02 19_0495

Without being able to hang them up to see, I tried laying everything out on the floor to get an idea.  I’m figuring the clock at the top, close to the ceiling.  It comes down to just above the middle picture that is there now. 

2013 02 19_0499

You can see in the picture above how this larger version of the rug by the door has the colors of the clock in it.  Then putting these two framed pieces of Ballard wrapping paper under that, so that the clock would be centered.

2013 02 19_0501

I also have this large “K”, a Ballard purchase some time ago.  I was thinking this could either go underneath {where it would sit just about doorknob height} or off to the side and then I can build off these large pieces.  Fill in here and there like the inspiration pictures above.

2013 02 19_0497

So, I’d love to hear your opinion or possible suggestions on this plan.  I’m not looking to buy new things to do this, but to use what I’ve already got.  All these things pictured above are just sitting on the side with no current home. 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Check It Out

I’ve long admired the painting transformation that Patti from Pandora’s Box makes to furniture and other home related pieces.  When I saw a post she did where she had made up checked teapots for a reader of her blog, I knew that I was going to have to ask her to do something for me.


While I love black and white, I knew these pieces were going to be in my dining area, where I have brown and cream.  So that was what I asked Patti to do.



I think that Patti did a great job and I just love them!  I tried them over on my buffet area, but I like how they look on the table. It gives me a chance to admire them front and center!


On a side note, that little evergreen plant in the picture is one I bought at Walmart at Christmas time for $4.98.  Rather than changing out the fabric around it, I was thinking about repotting it.  Is it worth it or will it kick the bucket as soon as I do that?   

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Buying Spring

Another day with snow showers and I finally listened to the siren call of the tulips at Kroger’s.   At two bunches for $5.00 I felt it was a good time to buy them. 

2013 02 19_0485

I got white and the pink/white.  I put them in this white fleur de lis pitcher I had gotten at TJ Maxx a few years ago.

2013 02 19_0484

I am hoping they will sustain me until Spring actually does arrive and I get some of my Easter/Spring d├ęcor down from the attic. 


I think next time I may get some of the roses.  They were looking very pretty, too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Bunny . . .

I printed out some bunnies too large for some napkins I wanted to do.  I wanted to use them somehow and thought they would look cute on a child’s t-shirt.  This is the image and it is from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

bunny vintage image graphicsfairy003b

I decided to make one for my granddaughter and one for her little friend.  I found a dark pink t-shirt and a light pink t-shirt.  I wanted to do light pink for my granddaughter, too, but they didn’t have any in the XS size. 


So cute! 


Since I actually had four images, I also picked up two white t-shirts in XS and made those up as well.


These are in my Etsy

{I got the XS for my granddaughter who is 2 1/2 and we have started buying her 4T.  The light pink one was a size 2-4T and looked a little too small for my granddaughter, but it works perfectly for her friend who is younger.  That info is for those of you who might be interested in the shirts, but need an idea of sizing.}

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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Write Gift

My daughter turned 26 yesterday.  How can that be when I clearly remember being 26 myself!  My daughter is a writer {not published ~ yet.  Unless you count Highlights magazine many years ago}; she has loved to write since she was a child.  

2013 02 12_0464

I decided to make her gifts to reflect her love of writing.  First I made her the Keep Calm and Write On printable and framed it.  Something I thought she could hang or put near the area where she writes.

2013 01 29_0308

I also made her this Write pillow.  I transferred the image to Osnaberg fabric and found the backing fabric on Etsy from Plum Patchwork

2013 01 29_0306

I like how the typography in the fabric works with the “Write” theme. 

2013 01 29_0307

I feel like I got her just the “write” gift! 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Keeping Warm

You might remember the boot socks/leg warmers I made for my daughter for Christmas. 

2012 12 06_9640

I love the look of these and who couldn’t use a little extra warmth in the cold snaps we’ve been having across the country.  Here is the pair I made for myself.


I recently shared my Goodwill finds and mentioned that I also picked up some sweaters to upcycle into leg warmers/boot socks and some wrist warmers.   I’ve only made a few, but there was some interest in seeing them, plus they are going in my Etsy so I wanted to preview them here.


Brown with an ivory lace and three pearl buttons down the sides.

2013 02 11_0451

Oatmeal colored with black lace around the top.

2013 02 04_0338

Black wrist warmers with some very pretty cream ruffled lace trim.  A pretty button has been added to each side to “gather” them up a little. 

2013 02 03_0353

I’m pretty sure the leg ones should be called leg warmers because they are open at the bottom and not closed like a sock, but I’ll refer to them both ways.  Until I see how they do and get some feedback, I’ll be keeping the pricing pretty low compared to those sold by others on Etsy.  I have a couple more waiting for some trim and buttons that I hope to work on this weekend, then I’ll have them all listed. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Tray From A Platter

A few months ago, I found these three wooden platters/chargers at the local antique mart. 

2012 11 02_9090

You might remember that I made over two of them and listed them in my Etsy

2012 11 08_9184

2012 11 14_9269

I still had one left and wanted to do something completely different.  Having run out of Old White and Pure White chalk paint, I turned to Vintage White craft paint to paint this piece.

2013 02 04_0376

I found four knobs that I had kept from a night stand makeover to use as feet for the base of the platter.

2013 02 07_0400

2013 02 07_0401

I then pulled out this image that I had copied when I went to the library, to do a Mod Podge transfer.  The image is from The Graphics Fairy.  I usually take a few images with me when I go to the library to use their copier to make toner copies for Mod Podge transfers.

2013 02 07_0403

While I don’t change up the vignettes around our home frequently, I do seem to like changing up whatever vignette I put on our dining table.  

2013 02 10_0434

For right now, I just put my little green plant from Christmas {which I can’t believe is still alive} on it with some faux roses.

2013 02 10_0435

2013 02 10_0436

Keeping it more neutral in a creamy white allows me to use it anywhere in our home, but I kind of like it here for right now.

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