Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Resolutions ~ For Your Home

January – Remove your holiday decorations by the second week in January. Nobody wants to see icicle lights or reindeer on your lawn in February, whether they be your neighbors or prospective buyers.

February – Apply a fresh coat of paint to any rooms that need it. This is one of the least expensive ways to add a change to the inside of your home.

March – While Spring cleaning, move some things around from collectibles to furniture to give you a fresh perspective and appreciation of your belongings.

April – Wash all your windows. Seems so simple but a lot of people don't do it. This will allow the maximum light into your home after a winter cooped up inside. On warmer days, open some windows to freshen up the house.

May – Clean up your deck or patio, as well as any outdoor furniture. Start planting flowers and other plants after your first frost. You will, after all, be doing a lot of your living outdoors in the coming months.

June – Bring your Fall/Winter window treatments and slipcovers to the dry cleaners for cleaning and pressing, so they will be ready for fall. Use sheers at your windows for the summer months.

July – Bring candles outdoors to extend your enjoyment of your outdoor room into the night. Whether floating candles for the pool or pond, pillar or votive for the table, hanging from tree branches or tall candle stands for those dark corners, candles will make for a very relaxed atmosphere as you entertain, or even just for enjoying your home on your own.

August – It's too hot to go outside? Crank the A/C up and organize your bookcases. Keep only those that you think you will read again or that have some reference value. Donate those you will get rid of to your library or local hospital. Take the paper covers off and intersperse the books with pictures and collectibles. Stop, stand back and look every so often to make sure the arrangement is pleasing to the eye.

September –Change out your lampshades. Rather than purchasing a new lamp to replace a tired one, a lampshade can give a lamp new life. While you're at it, remove the light bulbs and clean them with a damp cloth. Dust cuts down on light output.

October – Bring those throws back out and toss them over your sofa or chair. Fluff and freshen your pillows and throws by putting them in the dryer on a "fluff" setting (no heat) with a scented dryer sheet.

November –Easy and inexpensive slipcovers can be found at SureFit, which constantly adds to its selection. Try chenille, corduroy or tapestry-like fabrics.

December – Early in the month go through your holiday decorations, deciding what you will use, what can be discarded and what you need to get.
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