Monday, May 4, 2015

What’s Going Down Around Here

Some simple changes now that the warmer weather is finally here {and looks like it is here to stay now}.  I switched out my winter drapes in the living room back to my lighter look for spring and summer. 


Darker plaid for winter.


Lighter drapes for the warmer months.  Excuse the stepladder.


I finally got more hydrangeas for my Paris tote on the coffee table.  I just brought this tote back out a few weeks ago.  I got the hydrangea bushes at Hobby Lobby the other day, but I think I got the ones I had in there from Michael’s. 


The whites don’t match and I don’t like the way it looks, so they will be going back.  I’ll be heading to Michael’s to get a couple of theirs, but at least I got a feel for how the tote would look filled.


I copied Cathy from My 1929 Charmer by turning the lid on my new little tureen upside down and plopping a birds nest on top.  I thought she had a great idea; this way I don’t misplace the lid and ladle, or break them, by storing them somewhere while the tureen hosts the nest. Of course, there is also that chance that I would forget where I put them.



Changed out the mid-winter shower curtain to the light floral shower curtain in our main bathroom. 


While we are in here, I can show you that we also changed out the vanity top and faucet set.  We also painted {same color, just a refresh}, but there is no natural light in here so it wasn’t worth sharing at the time.



And that’s currently what’s going on my way.  I’m working on a simple paint project right now that I’ve been dying to do for years and finally did.  I’ll be sharing that soon!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

The lighter drapes look so nice, I really like them and the tureen lid idea is totally genius. Love that.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love your spring curtains, and they look so pretty in the room. I also love all the black and white. We don't have to make those big seasonal changes here, but I still love freshening everything during spring and before Christmas, because my mother did.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your home is so lovely, Kathy! I love the gallery wall especially!

Okio B Designs said...

Everything looks so pretty. Really love your living room. =)


chateau chic said...

All of your changes make you home so fresh and bright for spring. I love easy ways to bring a light fresh look for the summer!
Mary Alice

Cynthia said...

Everything looks so pretty for the warmer weather


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh how do you keep such a lovely home and have time for all your creativeness?
I know I am repeating myself but you amaze me.
Your home is just beautiful and I love it.
Thank you for leaving such a wonderful sweet comment about Christi's wedding. It meant a lot to me and the day was everything I hoped for Christi.
Hope your having a great week

JP said...

I love your Paris tote and I really like the mix of whites. I think that it gives them more interest...kinda like older ones that start to dry out first!
Your living room looks so very beautiful!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, love the lighter look for spring and summer months. I like to do this too. Your Paris tote with the hydrangeas is so pretty.
Your guest bath update is beautiful too. Love the shower curtain.
Have fun with your project.
Hugs, CM

Anonymous said...

You have the best ideas! I love the changes for Spring in your drapes! Your living room is one of my favorite rooms in Blogland! The Hydrangeas look lovely and I would have never noticed the difference- Love your lighter shower curtain! It looks like Spring has arrived in Ohio!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Loving the lighter look for warmer weather, I've been in the process of doing that too! Love your living room and how it opens out with the french doors! Thanks for the shout out on the lid flip over, it also helps me keep track of the lid and spoon. I didn't do it to one and now I'm looking for it!

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