Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Decorating ~ 2014

We had some beautiful weather come back again this week and I decided to hit the attic for my Fall bins while it was cooler.  I have been liking the simple decorating I have been doing the past three years, since we moved, so I knew I was going to keep it simple again. 


Coming into the house, on the front door, I hung this narrow basket on the door itself.  It’s a good size and works well since I have a storm door.


The hall tree got a little Fall with some pumpkins from Becky at Timewashed and a fabric tote (D├ęcor Steals) filled with faux leaf bunches (dollar store).   Over the course of 3-4 years, I treated myself to some of Becky’s pumpkins!  This is the first set I purchased from her.


Moving into the living room, I went a little different this year and added my boy and girl busts ~ with hats. 


Love these hats!  The girl’s (orange one) I found at Cracker Barrel.  It is actually a “fascinator” and had two clips on either side for a person to wear.  I removed the clips and it fits the bust’s head perfectly.


The boy’s hat is a doll hat from the doll crafting aisle at Hobby Lobby.  I also picked up a few things to embellish it with, which I glued on. 


I gave him a little something on the back of the hat so I can turn it around and have him ready to join in for Halloween, too!


I put the big black Paris tote away in the attic for now and brought out my small tote for the coffee table.  I pretty much decorated this as I did last year since I was happy with how it looked.


These florals are bits and bobs from an arrangement that broke and I picked out the florals to keep.  I added in a couple of smaller pumpkins (also from Becky at Timewashed).

I split my Fall decorating up into two posts and next time I will show you the dining area and kitchen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Painting Over Orange ~ Help!

My husband has been wanting tray tables since we moved and gave our son the tray tables we had for his apartment.  He especially likes them during football season so he can eat and watch the game.  I had been intermittently looking and, serves me right for taking so long, he found them himself and came walking in through the garage door one day holding two of these.


My first words ~ “You are NOT bringing orange tables in my house, are you?”.  Quick as ever, he said, “but they won’t be orange when you get done painting them.”  Well, what can you say at that point!   Unfortunately, whenever I look at them the words “bleed through” keep coming to mind, so I haven’t started on them yet.


I could use a little help on this one.  Not having painted anything before that had bleed through potential, what might those of you who have dealt with bleed through suggest I use first?  I would like to use chalk paint for the actual paint, but know I need to put something on them first.  Should it be Kilz, shellac, some other kind of primer?  Chalk paint is great, but I know that some bloggers have had bleed through issues even using that.


Thank you in advance!  And, since football season has started, my husband will thank you!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Artist Behind The Etsy ~ Catnip Design


Being a part of the Etsy community, not only as a seller but as a customer, I have come across many talented individuals.  With this series, I hope to introduce you to some of these creative people, finding out where they find their inspiration, and a little bit more about them.

A lovely Sunday morning to you!  This week’s Etsy artist feature is Teri from Catnip Designs.  Teri is so creative, which is very apparent just looking at the treasures in her Etsy.  Teri also has a blog called Artistic Catnip.  She shows you how to make some fantastic crafty creations on her blog.


Thanks so much, Kathy, for featuring me this week on your blog. I enjoy reading your behind the Etsy series and it is an honor to be here.

ooak spooky handmade Halloween glitter covered skull wearing a pointy hat on a stick with a built in stand

My name is Teri Calia and I run a small Etsy shop called Catnip Designs. I have been creating art in some form since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. In high school I fell in love with jewelry making and using power tools to build shadow boxes. In college it was life drawing and sculpture that captured my heart.

Handmade, OOAK, Alice in Wonderland, White Queen trinket box and shrine to Hope

After I graduated from college and got married I spent most of my time with a glue gun creating stuff to decorate our home and sell at craft fairs. Eventually, I bought a sewing machine and worked with mohair creating one of a kind teddy bears. I even won a few awards for my bears at a teddy bear artist convention in the 90's.

Handmade, OOAK, Kitschy Housewife, mixed media accordian book with matching box

After I dumped my cheating husband I got a job illustrating animals for a wholesale t-shirt company. Here I really found my niche as we sold mostly to zoos, museums and humane societies. I love drawing animals so it was a wonderful job to have and inspired me to eventually take up power tools again. This time I fell in love with shrine making and mixed media sculpture.

Handmade, OOAK, Santos Cage Doll dream shrine with wings and a nest

I eventually took on a part time job working for Alpha Stamps that allows me to make samples using all the latest products. Most of what you will find in my Etsy shop is a sample that was photographed for Alpha Stamps to use on the website.

OOAK handmade Halloween rat drawn coach with pumpkin wheels and skeleton driver

I've made jewelry, collage canvases, lots of shrines, banners, mixed media sculptures, hand sewn felt kitties, books, dolls, miniatures... you name it I've probably done it, lol. I need to create constantly to stay sane and having an Etsy shop is an excellent way for me to sell the things I create.

handmade Halloween pennant banner with paper rosettes

Thank you, Teri!  You can visit Teri’s Etsy shop here and her blog here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teacup Bird Feeder


This is a project that has been around for a while, but one that I am only now getting to.  It is a teacup bird feeder using a thrift store teacup and saucer.  I had this teacup and saucer in my booth and in my Etsy, and it didn’t sell in either place.  So, rather than bring it to Goodwill, I decided to make a bird feeder with it.


Here are some I found on Pinterest. 

Create this simple, unique and inexpensive to make bird feeder for yourself, or for that bird lover in your life.



Maybe I'll do this with my unbroken fiestaware. Sell the 3 sets this way. I don't need all my dish collections any longer, but with only 3 of the 4 place settings...this makes sense. 


There are quite a few variations involving adding chain or metal, but this hanging version is quicker and less expensive, since all I have to do is hang it from the tree or a shepherd’s hook.  You can also add some copper tubing pieces or other tall upright items to have it staked in your garden beds. 


For mine, I laid the teacup on the saucer to see where the contact points were going to be on the saucer and the cup.  That is where I added the E6000 adhesive.   Once that dried, I added the hanger, hung it in the tree, and added some bird seed.


Done.  I completed a project on my “want to make” list and I’m sure the birds will be happy!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Halloween Etsy

I made some Halloween banners/wall hangings this year for my Etsy and thought I’d share those with you today.


Update: Sold!  Thank you!

Each one is a little different, although they all hang from a wood dowel and have black seam binding as the hanger, with some orange crinkled seam binding tied on to each side.  On the skeleton above I used a stitch that looks like a heart monitor.


The skull sporting a hat has a scalloped black lace going around the sides and bottom with a funereal look to it; so fitting for Halloween!


Broom Hilda’s Magic Shop has a scallop stitch going around the seams. 


The Boo banner is long and has  a flat black trim at the top and a looped ribbon trim along the bottom.


Update: Sold! Thank you!

Finally, The Witches Ball banner has a peachy orange crinkled seam binding tied to the sides with some gathered black lace at each corner to give the impression of cobwebs.

These are all currently listed in my Etsy shop.  These will be one of a kind as I don’t plan on making more this year.  Thanks for looking!

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