Friday, July 31, 2009

~ Getting Over My Hobby Lobby Envy ~

I'm always reading about Hobby Lobby and all the great deals/finds there ~ with envy! We do not have Hobby Lobby here. We do have Michael's craft store and I wanted to share what I just picked up there today.

My total came to $43.44. Just about everything was on clearance or marked down. This is what I got:

5 rolls of ribbon at $1.00 a piece. I have no idea what I can do with it at the moment, but I liked the colors and design, and, well, it was $1.00 a roll. Nuff said.

Initial letters for my two nephews $.99 each.

  • Glue stick {in case I actually do something with all this stuff} $2.99

    The two books had a coupon - NO CHARGE

    Chunky puzzle {for nephew #2's birthday} $9.99

    One pound scrap pack of cardstock pieces {2.79}

    Crayola markers {for nephew #1's birthday} $3.99

    Crayola crayons {also for nephew #1's birthday} $4.49

    Tissue paper $2.99

    Two kraft gift bags {I'm thinking the glue stick figures in here somewhere} $2.98

    Suzy's Zoo stickers - birthday theme $2.79

    I feel like I got so much for just over $40.00!

    If you sign up at the Michael's website you can get coupons in your email; this week's was 40% off any regular priced item.


    The Stylish House said...

    You got a great haul of goodies! That ribbon looks so festive and colorful. I am sure you will think of an interesting use for it. We recently got a Hobby Lobby in my area and I have already had a fun shopping trip to check it out.

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

    Thanks Cathy! I was surprised the ribbon was on close out, but I guess they have to keep things moving along for the new designs and colors coming out. I'd really like to visit a Hobby Lobby some day.

    Chandra said...

    I understand how you would be envious of Hobby Lobby! We have several in my area (as well as JoAnn's and Michaels) and I have to say I do really enjoy Hobby Lobby. Michaels has these wonderful crates that I want to get and paint (for 2.99/each!!!!) and turn into a rustic "built-in" for my dining room. Cheers!

    Alluring Interiors said...

    I love a good got some goodies for a whole lot less!

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

    You have all 3, Chandra?? Now, I'm jealous again. That sounds like a great (and inexpensive) project! I stayed away from the unfinished wood section or I could have been there forever!

    Thanks, Jacqueline! I was happy with what I got; I thought it would have been more.

    Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

    I don't think we have Hobby Lobby here--I've never seen one. Craft stores are so fun--love the ribbon that you found. One can never have too much ribbon :)

    Heathahlee said...

    We have...get this...Hobby Lobby, Michael's, AND JoAnn's all within about 10 minutes of each other. Only problem, all three are 30 minutes away. : ) But I DO make the sacrifice and the drive anyway. Love me some Hobby Lobby. I really hate you don't have one. We've been rallying to get one in our city so all of us crafters and scrappers don't have to drive so dang far!

    Elite Home Decor said...

    Wow Kathy! Great finds! I am sure with a creative mind like yours you will find something to use everything for!

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

    That was my thinking, Amy! I'm sure I will find some use for it - I really liked the design and colors.

    I thought that folks had one or the other, HeathahLee, depending on where you lived, but apparently that's not so. I hope you get something closer to yourself, but to drive to one, I would hit the others while I'm in the area. You probably get some great stuff!

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

    Thankfully, Kimberly, I have a nice size clear container to keep this stuff in until I can use it. I did actually use somet this past weekend for gifts and gift bags for my nephews. My brain is on hiatus right now, so I hope some ideas to use the ribbon will pop up!

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