Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Faux Soft Roman Shade

You may remember the no-sew valance I made here for my powder room.  This was hot glued together and upholstery tacks were used to “mount” it.
I couldn’t get away with total no-sew on this one, but the sewing involved is so minimal and not by machine.  Warning:  This post is a little long, but that’s because it includes a How-To with a lot of pictures.

The mission: to cover this window in my master bathroom with some kind of fabric.  The pleated shade provides privacy, but fabric is needed at this window.

The goal:  to use what I have as far as fabric and trim, with minimal sewing involved, and to hang it without having to mount a rod.
Our cast:  this Waverly fabric that I bought off eBay several years ago and which I still had quite a bit of; Stitch Witchery iron-on hem tape; thread that matches the fabric; fabric glue; iron and ironing board; yardstick; scissors; and trim.
I started by measuring the window and deciding how far down I wanted the finished treatment to be.  I measured to the bottom of the window frame and this was 34 inches and would give me plenty of fabric for making the soft pleats.  The window is 32 inches wide.

I cut my fabric 34 inches wide and about 36 inches long.  I folded down an inch on each edge {using the selvage on one side as my measurement} and ironed both sides so I could see where I would have to place the Stitch Witchery iron-on hem tape.  I put the tape between the fabric {the edging I just ironed and the body of the fabric}, and ironed it.  I then proceeded to do the same thing to the top and bottom.

Now, all four sides have been hemmed with iron-on hem tape.

I measure to make sure I’ve got my 32 inches wide. 

Now I want to play with it while it’s on the floor to see how I want to do the soft pleats.  I keep my yard stick nearby because I don’t want to go too short on my drop.

I get it the way I like it and then need to decide on what trim I want to add to the bottom.  Because . . . you know I just can’t leave it plain.  I pull out my bin of trims and try out several different ones that kind of….., maybe ……, might work.  Remember, my plan is to use what I have and not buy any trim.

Here’s an onion fringe, but it has too much yellow.

Here’s a tassel fringe, but there is a lot of rust and neutrals going on.

And here’s another one that has blues and greens in it, not as fancy as the tassel or onion fringe, but out of the trims I have, I think this one will work.

I take my fabric glue and laying a towel underneath the bottom edge of the fabric, I put glue along the width.  I then place the trim on pushing down on it to make sure it adheres as I go along.  This takes 24 hours to dry, so I’m going to leave it to dry before I move on.

Once the trim is dry and adhered to the bottom of the fabric, I pin the fabric the way I liked it laid out.  I am doing quick hand sewing to attach the pleat to the sides of the fabric.  Very simple, back and forth in the same area; really just tacking it. 

Now to “mount” it.  Hot glue.  Yes, I’m applying hot glue in a few key areas on the railing of the pleated shade and sticking the fabric right up there!  Just be careful not to put glue near where the string system is because you still need to be able to pull your shade up.*  Once it was up, I fussed with it a bit and wound up tacking each pleat in the middle.  It depends on the final look you want.

There you have it!  A faux soft roman shade that gives me the fabric I want in the bathroom, hides the shade when it’s up, and it only cost me about $5.00, for the iron-on tape and fabric glue.  The longest part of this project was waiting the 24 hours for the fabric glue to dry. 
IMG_4432_2127 IMG_4470_2108
Before                                  After
*If you wanted to make this and don’t have a shade, you can get a tension rod that will fit the width of the window.  After you have iron-on hemmed all your sides, go back to what would be the top, use the rod as a guide for size, and fold over another section to make the rod pocket.  Remove the rod and iron-on the hem tape to make your pocket.

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Diane at InMyOnnStyle said...

Hi Kathy-

Don't ya just love hot glue, and iron on fusible tapes. Using them sure beats sewing. Your valance came out perfect and you would never know that it wasn't sewn or put up the traditional way. Years ago I did a few Decorator Showhouses where there were a few prima donna designers. They couldn't believe that I would use hot glue and such to create the treatments I used in my room. At the next showhouse we did together, they all were using hot glue.

Kammy said...

HI Kathy !
I love your no sew valance - what a great tutorial ! Your window looks so rich now....
Hugs ~ Kammy

One Cheap B*tch said...

Very pretty! Really makes the window look different.

Blue Creek Home said...

This looks did a great job using what you had. The trim added just the right oomph!


Crafty Sisters said...

Looks nice. I love that you used hot glue!

Jane said...

This looks great and it's hard to believe that very little sewing was involved. I liked the fact that you were able to use materials you had on hand. I made some curtain panels for my guest bedroom today but did have to get the sewing machine out.

madame Sucre said...

looking good!!! wow that is alot of work but you made it look so effortless!!

loving your blog!

Gail said...

Looks great and I love the fabric.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Looks great, Kathy! I've never tried a Roman shade - always wanted to, but was afraid I really couldn't pull it off. You made it look easy!

Also, I love that you used what you already had on hand. I try very often to do that as much as possible with projects.

Thanks so much sharing this project.

Becca Bertotti said...

LOVE it!! It's amazing what a hot glue gun can do, isn't it? I'll have to tag this one to refer back to ... would love to do something like this in my master bath. Thanks for the inspiration, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Nice work! I love the look of roman shades and you did a great job with this one.

Tracy Wills said...

Oh my gosh, I love love the second one with the floral fabric, I want it!!! So pretty.

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Girl, I'm smiling! I can't tell you how many window treatments I've glued together over the years! Aren't glue guns the best! I hot glued the roman shade I created above the sink and have been waiting for it to drop because of the heat from the sun. But, so far, so good!

Love the finished result...lovely! ~LA

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Amazing! How great that looks and I can't believe it is a no-sew. That is inspiring because I put off a lot of projects because I don't want to drag out the sewing machine. I guess I don't have to!

Christina said...

WOW it looks great and I think I could even make one or two.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

That shade came out beautiful...very professional!

Paula Grace Designs said...

What a great project with such a beneficial outcome! You make it look so easy :)
Paula Grace ~

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

This is beautiful! I LOVE that fabric. I saved this to my favorites cos' I need to make one for my bathroom!


Lou Cinda

DesignTies said...

OMG -- this is a fantastic project!!! I don't want to think about how much money I just spent to buy fabric and have roman shades made.... ARGH!!!

From now on, I'm coming here to see what clever projects you've got on the go before I start my own projects!!

Thank you so much for your comment on my post about Kylie. Yes, I remember your Misty Blue :-) There's something about blue-eyed huskies that makes them extra-special :-)


The Charm of Home said...

You did a great job on the Roman shade. Thanks for the tutorial.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

The window treatment looks wonderful, such a great job with out much sewing, I too have used hot glue for many projects. You did a great job...

Jen @ said...

Kathy --
Great job!!! It looks great. So pretty in your room! Great tutorial!


marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

thanks for the instructions I'll soon have windows I need to think about decorating

xinex said...

You are very clever and your window is very pretty now with the gorgeous no sew shade. Thanks for the tutorial...Christine

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty - You did a great job. Thanks for the how to.

Anonymous said...

It definitely doesn't look like a "hot glue shade"!!!! You did a great job on it, and the fabric looks so pretty in your window.

Angie Holden said...

Oh I like that!! Great job!

My Slice of Heaven said...

Very pretty and you make it look so simple!

Pamela said...

I was thinking of making one of these for our landing since I could only find one curtain panel in the print I loved aT Tuesday Morning. That and it is too short so I am thinking this will work!

Daisy Reyes said...

Bonjour your Majesty,

I am a new follower of your fabulous blog! I just love the window treatments:) I love florals and girly feminine fabrics:) Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with all of us!

Royal wishes,

El said...

Excellent tutorial. I'm going to try it for our mudroom...thanks!

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