Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Just A Score ~ A Home Run At Goodwill!


Okay, so before I show you what I got at Goodwill this weekend, you have to promise not to hate me!  Promise?  Good, because I scored so big I was just bursting!  And, oh yeah, it was 50% off day!!!!  Prices listed are without the 50% taken off.  First up ~ I finally found a cloche {$1.99 for the set}!


I also got this little parfait dish {$.99} to use as a stand for it.  I bought a glass adhesive the last time I was at the craft store, so I just need to do that.


Once I get it, this will be perfect to showcase the Fairy Cupcake I won from Tobi at The Pink Pixie Forest.  Look Tobi ~ it’s own special place!


Along the glassware line I also found these great looking bottles {$1.99 each}.  These had been recently added to my mental list.


Two of them have bath salts in them and are still sealed.  I’ll just dump them out and use the bottles.  The other bottle I just loved.  It makes me think of a genie bottle!


I can just see these bottles with labels and some pretty bling on a ribbon hanging off the neck.


This large mason jar {$1.99}.  Loved this and I made sure it still closes properly.  It almost makes me wish I used powdered detergent so I could use it for that and label it “Soap”.

So thrilled I almost let out a yip, I found this soup tureen {$5.99}!  In perfect condition and it had the ladle!  Cross that off the mental list.



Moving on I got this lone bookend {$3.99} with a stuffed bear on it.  I just wanted it for the books section and have already taken the stuffed bear off and tossed it.


Three never used tin pails {$.59 each} and an oblong tin {$.99}.  I’ll probably cover the oblong tin in some scrapbook paper and use it as a storage piece.  The tin pails I have an idea for and I’ll put them on the side for now.


These pieces which I found very interesting.  I had seen them in the window as I was walking into the store.  They really have a lot of detail and look kind of Gothic right now, but I will be painting them Heirloom White.  These were $6.99 for the pair.


My daughter said they remind her of theatre balconies.



This old dictionary {which only goes from L-Z}, but I think the pages will come in handy for some crafting projects {$2.99}.



Now, deduct 50% off all those prices.  Woo Hoo!

Believe it or not, I’m going to have to split this into two posts!  Yes, I got that much!  So I’ll see you back here in a couple of days to show off the rest.

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Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Yippee for you!!! You got lots of good stuff and to think I drove to so many yardsales in the blistering heat and netted NOTHING!

I can't wait to see how the wall shelves come out, be sure and show them to us.


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Two big thumbs up! Great things...especially that soup tureen! I haven't had much luck or time to visit Goodwill lately. You are putting me back in the mood!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Oh My! You did score big! I can't wait to see the rest! So many wonderful goodies! Love the soup tureen! We all need to have a soup party now! LOL! Very interesting mirrors and cool genie bottle. Be sure and join Marty's cloche party now on the 16th! Excellent deals!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Wow! Good for you. :) I love those mirrors. Great buys.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Very fun STUFF! :) I am interested to see what you turn all your finds in to. I am definitely hooked on thrifting AND estate sales!


Jane said...

Great finds! You know it was a good day when you have to split your finds into two posts! Sounds like you know exactly how you are going to transform each piece. Hope we get to see the finished projects.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

A cloche for 1.99?!? Someone didn't know what they were giving away...fabulous! Janell

Blue Creek Home said...

I swore I wouldn't hate you when I started reading this post, but...
JK!!!! You scored, hit a home run, and won the game with this trip!

If there is any hating going on here today, it's just the tiniest bit because you won that cupcake!!!!! You are one lucky girl!!!
{{I really luv ya!}}

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

We must go shopping sometime! Goodwill, or Salvation Army?

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

WOW! looks more like a grand slam Kathy! love it all...good thing I wasn't there, it mighta got nasty! LOL:)

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Good deals!! We don't have a Goodwill nearby and the Discovery Shop here in town is starting to charge outrageous prices. When I was looking for a frame for the 3 Stooges I saw one at a GS for $5.00. I went to the discovery shop that week and they were asking $15.00!

Can't wait to see your other finds!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh really scored BIG TIME! I am loving the little theater mirriors...they will look fabulous painted white :)


Sherry said...

I love to see what others manage to find while out thrift shopping. I am so distracted and watching the clock most of the time I try to shop. Your finds inspire me to do better next time and stay focused. It will be fun to see if your share what you do with everything.

Leanne said...

You found some amazing things and at such a bargin. I love the mirrors and can't wait to see what you do with them. Have a great week!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Wow, you really racked up. Isn't it funny how somedays you can find nothing and somedays, you hit the Mother Lode. I love the cloche and the mason jar. The little pails are so handy and can be used in sooooooooo many ways. I can't wait to see what you do with the twin pieces....their mirrors at the moment, right>\?

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow, you really did hit the jackpot. Isn't that so much fun!!!! I love all of your goodies and I would have snapped them up too. Now you have a cloche for the "Summer Cloche Party" on July 16th. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

the cape on the corner said...

what great finds! lucky for you about the 50% off day. jealous!! love those metal tins.

One Cheap B*tch said...

No wonder why there was nothing left when Mom and I went - ha! Seriously, we must have just missed you b/c we went there and THEN got your message when we got back to her house. I do hate you now - just kidding!

xo, JB

Anonymous said...

You are right. Home run. Anxious to see the rest.

Decorchick! said...

Wow Kathy!! You DID do good!! Great finds. :)

Blue Artichoke Interiors said...

Fabulous finds! I love when I'm having a good day thrifting! Can't wait to see the redos.

Ms. Bake-it said...

You definitely scored a home run! You found some great stuff! Looking forward to seeing what else you scored!

~ Tracy

Averill said...

Whow! Looks like you hit the Goodwill jackpot Kathy. Great finds.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Kathy, Congrats on these amazing finds. A cloche for $1.99! I have never even seen a cloche in GW before. Great bottles and the mirrors will be fabulous when painted.
xo, Sherry

a.M. said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to go find some glass adhesive now too! Great idea! And thanks for stopping by Kathy!

Sandra said...

Wow! What great finds! You really did find some awesome treasures. Thanks for sharing!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I couldn't believe al the great items I found this weekend! And it looks like you found some great stuff too! :)

Willow Decor said...

I also adore thrift shopping !! You got some great deals - can't wait to see part two!!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

You lucky girl you!!!! Good luck on the giveaway!

clustres said...

Good buys for supplies!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

You did get a lot of great stuff. I never have luck there.

Tobi Britton* said...

OK OK I will send it out today!!!
Sorry dear kathy, I have been frantic because my hub's ex wife was coming to my house-(it was her house for 20 years) and I was just freaking out trying to get everything done because she NEVER misses an opportunity to make me feel bad.
Anyway, now that is all over and I have decompressed!
I will send you an extra "sumthin" for your gracious patience.
Sparkly hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

MORE awesomeness!!

Lou Cinda :) said...

White paint will make a big difference on those lovely mirrors, good idea!

annies home said...

wow what a great deal

artisticblend said...

Awesome finds! I am jealous. Those mirrors are so unique. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Pamela said...

What awesome finds Kathy!

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

Fabulous finds!! My favorites are the balcony mirrors and the dictionary!

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