Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

I can’t believe I actually redecorated something in my house over the weekend that enables me to participate in Tabletop Tuesday over at Marty’s A Stroll Thru Life linky party!  I redecorated the top of the chest in my entry foyer. 


With Fall coming I removed some dollar store birds, an apothecary with a nest and moss, a picture of a nest, a medium size pot of mini daffodils, and the tray I had in the middle of the chest {holding the apothecary, the fern and an extra drapery hardware finial just as a decorative piece}.  I moved a few things around and kept them on the chest; the little fern, my Goodwill clock and the books. 


IMG_7902_4301I brought in the floral arrangement I did several posts back {because I want to do something different on my dining room table} and used it to balance out the lamp, an extra book The House In Good Taste by Elsie de Wolfe in its lovely orange cover, a new reading bunny which I totally copied the idea of from Pat at Back Porch Musings, and a faux white pumpkin {from Michaels last year}. 



Can I tell you how much I love this bunny?

IMG_7918_4312IMG_7924_4315 IMG_7927_4318

I also put my Fall/Winter window treatments back up in the dining room, which is just to the left of this area.  It gets too dark to take photos, so I don’t have any to share.  Hopefully, when I do what I have planned for the dining room table, I’ll get a shot to share.


The pillow on the dining chair below is from Rhonda at Blue Creek Home.  She makes such great pillows!  This one has bunnies on it and the colors go with my dining room, so I couldn’t resist buying it.

IMG_7910_4308I don’t really do much decorating for Fall.  Luckily, I do have Fall {warm} colors in my dining room.  I do decorate a bit for Halloween, so I will kind of mix that in with the Fall stuff in October.  I decided not to buy any other Fall things and just use what I have to get the feeling of Fall across.  This is especially since we hope to put our house back on the market after the holidays and I don’t need to make up a whole new box dedicated to holiday decorations!

Update:  I moved the cloche I made {see post below} over to this chest so I’m just adding a few pictures here rather than redoing all the pictures in this post.


IMG_7972_4344IMG_7974_4345 I really like this little cloche I made!  I’ll have to see what ribbon I have that might look nice tied around the knob. 


Unknown said...

GORGEOUS Kathy...I just love those creamy white pumpkins and your reading bunny is just a hoot! Your home is very warm and welcoming :)


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such a lovely entry. Your chest is beautiful and your vignette is fabulous. I also really like the P picture. The floral arrangement, books, cloche and lamp are all gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Love it! Your bunny is adorable. It's amazing what we can create with a few things here and there. The cloche is lovely.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Kathy,

I absolutely love your bunny! I like the cloche you made. Your vignette looks great!

~ Tracy

p.s. if you get a chance, stop by today.

Barbara said...

Very pretty! That bunny is so adorable!

Unknown said...

Well you have out done yourself, what a great job. And you have gone as far as putting a darn pumpkin out! It was 95 degrees here today with 83% humidity. It is real hard to get into a fall mood with temps like that!

You ready for the designers challenge? I am so excited! Can't wait to see what everyone has done!

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

What a lovely vignette you have made for the top of your chest. Very pretty chest I might add.
You made a very interesting and pretty table top
here, loved the added cloche, neat what you did with it, and love love love the lil rabbit w/
glasses. How cute!!
Very nice,
Blessings, Nellie

Pamela said...

Loving the entry Kathy! So pretty!

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