Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Pretty Little Tea Set Shelf

I didn’t get to do this shelf piece on my three day weekend, but was able to do little bits in the evenings after work.   If you recall from previous posts, this is what it looked like when I got it from Goodwill.


And it had this little bear thingy on it, which soon met with the garbage pail.


The first evening I cleaned the piece with TSP ~ a degreaser, deglosser and cleaner {wear gloves when you use this}.  I attached my wood embellishment with some wood glue and just put it off to the side to dry.


Better already.


The next night I  primed it with Kilz 1, 2, 3 primer which is supposed to be a stain killer and save me a step with sanding the piece.   I gave it two coats.


Finally, it was onto the Heirloom White paint and here she is!




Perfect china tea set shelf!  I picked up all of these tea sets at Goodwill, except for the set to the bottom right.  My Mom gave that to me and my granddaughter for Christmas.  It’s got such a pretty pattern and I love the little tray that came with it.



When my granddaughter is old enough, we will be Gone With The Wind southern ladies and I will say, “Why, I do declare, it is time for tea, Miss Evalyse.  Which tea set shall we use today?” {I may have to invest in some lovely hats and gloves that go up to our elbows}.

I’m itching to get started on the little table and chairs; I just need to get the paint in a quart.  Thanks to an anonymous comment on a previous post, I now know that Heirloom White can, indeed, be purchased in a quart size {I was apparently misinformed at the Home Depot I went to}.  So, thank you anonymous!

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Blondie's Journal said...

This is SO cute, Kathy!! You did a really nice job. I love all the tea sets and the one your mother gave you is just precious!


Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

I LOVE it! The shelf looks amazing and the tea sets are so cute. I have a tea set I received from my Grandmother and it is so special to me. You and Evalyse will have treasured moments together that she will remember always! Well after the formula stage then it is the tea stage. lol

The Feathered Nest said...

This turned out so beautiful Kathy!!! I love heirloom white too...and DIDN'T know it came in a quart size either :) What fun you girls will have when it comes time to have your tea party!!! xxoo, Dawn

Barbara Jean said...


barbara jean

Scrap for Joy said...

I haven't visited for a while but I had to stop by to catch up and tell you how much I love all of your tiny tea sets in your newly painted shelf. Great Job! Where would we be without heirloom white? I also loved the lampshade with the sweet kathy!
Hope you have a nice evening...

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Turned out great Kathy. I love the added embellishment, very pretty.


Pamela Gordon said...

That is so cute! You did a great job with painting the shelf and the china tea sets are perfect in it. Have a great week. Pamela

Allison Shops said...

How cute! She'll love it.
Dropping by from Met Monday, with a post on repurposed shelving.


Every Day Blessings said...

How cute! When my girls were little a couple of older ladies from our church invited my girls over, got out old fancy dresses, boas, hats and had a tea party. My girls loved it and since their grandmas don't live close it was a day to remember. One of the ladies died a couple of years ago and that is the thing my girls remember about her. Precious! Have that tea party now....she will love it.

Rita's Recipes said...

Very nice! You have a good eye for finding things with possibilities.

Heathahlee said...

Cute, cute, cute! I need to get some TSP...I've got some stuff I've wanted to work on that needed de-everything-ing! : )

Karie said...

Oh, the shelf looks beautiful, and the tea sets, are darling. Thanks for sharing. Karie

Gail said...

Oh Kathy, what a darling transformation with all your pretty little china tea sets. You and your granddaughter will surely have tons of fun and will make beautiful memories together. Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful day,

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Very Sweet! Looks great and I love that you are putting tea sets in it. And, I was happy to read that you can get Heirloom White at Home Depot too! It's been hit or miss finding it at Hobby Lobby for me lately.

One Cheap B*tch said...

Wow! That came out perfectly! I love all the little tea sets. May I come for tea?! =)


Miss Obara said...

Pinkies up! ;)

Donene said...

I love it Kathy! You did a great job giving it the white paint treatment. What fun parties you will have!

Emily said...

Love Love Love what you have done with this little shelf. It turned out so cute!

Kim said...

Wow! That certainly is a beautiful metamorphosis Kathy. Love the tea set as well.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

April D said...

Absolutely gorgeous makeover! My daughter(looking over my shoulder)loves it as much as I do!!!

Jane said...

Hi Kathy,
Beautiful transformation!! That was a great find and you really turned it into a jewel! Love your tea sets. You and your granddaughter will have such fun with those!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, that area is right in my master. Oh well, gotta do th best you can with what you have. Which, by the way, you more than exceeded with your little shelf project! It looks SOOO CUTE! Bet you have hours of fun with your sweet tea sets and your granddaughter. Aren't grand kids just the best?!

Matrix Reimprinting said...

This is so cute and lovely! You really have a touch of creativity and beauty!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

This is absoolutely adorable Kathy! Love the wood embellishment. It added the perfect touch to this sweet piece!

Gotta LOVE Heirloom white. I didn't know it came in a quart either. Good to know!

Lou Cinda

Unknown said...

Oh my word this looks fabulous and I wish you had been my grandma when I was little! How lucky she will be!! Great memories to come!! Stopping by from TT&J party:) New follower!

Room to Inspire said...

What a great transformation and simply darling tea sets. What a great idea - my daughter would just LOVE to have a tea party with her Gigi - I think I will have to suggest it soon!


Easy peasy organic said...


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