Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Bloggers Create

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Where Bloggers Create linky party hosted by Karen of My Desert Cottage!  I joined up for the first time last year and wasn’t going to originally because of the small size of my area.  It turned out to be a good idea because I found many other people that had quite small areas also.  You can read my post from last year here


I really enjoyed putting my little area together and I’ve added a few things since last year that I’d love to share with you.   To refresh your memory this is what I started with.  A little bit of space in our garage.


By the end of that post, this is what my creative space looked like.  You can click the link from last year’s post above to see the little details close up.


Before we get started, I thought I’d show you a picture of reality.  This is what it regularly looks like because I usually have about five projects going at once. 


Just to tell you a little bit about what I like to do ~ I like crafty, creative projects that can become home d├ęcor accessories or gifts and I mainly do any gluing type projects here and anything that needs paint applied with a brush.  I like to work with scrapbook paper, paint, and embellishments of all kinds.  I like to redo frames, wood scraps and even remake something that had a different purpose.


Because this area is quite small, I do any spray painting outside {or in a pinch I set up a “spray booth” in my garage} and any furniture projects I do in another area of the garage.

Since I have such a small area I have to make sure I keep myself in check.


Since the last party, I found this black and white chandelier curtain panel at Goodwill.  I used part of it to make a pillow and luckily had enough left over to replace the skirt across the cart that is my surface.


Yes, I know it is upside down, but I used the hem for the rod and, hey, it works for me!  I also grabbed a real chair that we had floating around and retired the stepstool. 


I painted a little shelf that wasn’t being used anymore and three little wood bins that I found at Goodwill.  They also got a paint job, some scrapbook paper and numbers and they now hold little bits so I can see and find them easily.


I’ve also added a lot more to the shelves in the way of supplies, and things to hold those supplies.  I’m still trying to keep it neat and organized though, plus I like that I can see everything.  If stuff gets shoved to the back and I don’t see it I either forget all about it or buy more because I think I don’t have it!  This tiered piece was something I added shortly after the last party. 


I found this tiered stand at Home Goods in silver and spray painted it Heirloom White.   Just above that I got this great toile box from my friend, Marsha, as a gift.  It works perfectly to hold some of my larger size things, like cards or rub-ons that I don’t want to get bent.


DSC02543_2115I got this 7 Gypsies holder from Blue Moon Scrapbooking after last year’s linky party.  It holds various scrapbooking embellishments and I like that I can see everything and have it sorted by holiday and season.  The dividers are labeled by month.


Here are some shots after I cleaned up a bit.


I still have some pieces to a project off to the left in the picture.



You can see the light {which I showed last year} that was attached to this table when I took it over.  It is great for when I need to have light on things close up and even for talking pictures.  My power is on that side, too, so my glue gun is always out in that spot and just waits to be plugged in.


I also like to keep a pad of paper nearby to write down supplies I need while it is fresh in my mind. 


I’ve also got a small silver tray {from Goodwill} that I keep on hand to hold small things when I’m working on a project.  This way they don’t roll all over or fall off the table.  The tray goes up on the shelf when not needed.


I am starting to feel that I am running out of space here though.  We are planning on moving in the not too distant future and I am hoping for a small room that I can take over.


So that’s basically it!  Not much has changed from last year except that I’ve acquired more supplies and more things to put those supplies in.  Thanks for visiting my little creative space and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s!



Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Your space may be small but it is so you and full of all sorts of goodness!!!! Love it!!!!

Ruby Jean said...

Such a cozy little spot you have made for yourself...I love all your black and white...And I LOVE how you lined the back wall..and your little 1..2..3 boxes are adorable...I fear I would need 1...1,000 and then some... : ) So fun to see where you create and make all your LOVELY things...
Have a wonderful weekend..

Karena said...

Kathy you have really made the most of your space. I can see that you are always creatively working on several projects at once!!

Art by Karena

Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a very special painting!

Homeroad said...

Kathy your space is beautiful! You decorated it so nicely! I'm your newest follower, I love all your french re-do's !
Susan @ homeroad

Amy Chalmers said...

It looks awesome Kathy! I love the black and white mixes of patterns!

KimMalk said...

I really like your black and white decor, Kathy, and your dedication to the French feeling. If I was brave enough, I'd show my sewing station... Unfortunately, it always looks like a "before."

The French Bear said...

Kathy, I love your space, it is full of inspiration and makes me wish I had your style and flair for decorating!!!! I want to change everything I have now!!! Can you believe over three hundred women have joined in for this? Wow, that Karen deserves a huge prize!!!! Have fun touring!
Margaret B

The Tuscan Home said...

Love it Kathy...ADORABLE!!

xinex said...

How nice to have your own little space and it looks so cute and functional....Christine

paula said...

Love your creative space Kathy! I remember it from last year and you've managed to add and keep it tidy at the same time. I love your harlequin's snazzy~ some day I'd love to paint my floor like that..someday:)

fairyrocks said...

Kathy, I love how carefully you have decorated and aranged your space. The black and white is so upscale chic. We do tend to outgrow the. I started with a very large hatbox. I remember thinking, "This is really big and I can get all my stuff in here" LOL
It didn't last. I have my fingers crossed for you on your move that you get a room of your own. I am sure it will be FANTASTIC!!
Love that you know the chandelier fabric is upsidedown and did it anyways.
Keep smiling and creating

Unknown said...

Kathy, I love how you have made this space so personal! I can't recall what I have unless it's in plain sight, either, so I am loving your storage!

Anonymous said...

I really like how you have created a lovely space :) I especially love the fabric curtain for your table! I want to do that with my desk now too :) Thank you for sharing!


Tina said...

Oh - you have made wonders with your little space Kathy. Everything is so nicely organised. I love the black and white background.
Have a wonderful weekend.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Wow, Kathy... what a transformation. It's so pretty now... It's so nice to have a pretty space to make pretty things, isn't it? Love the colors toooooo.


Rebecca Nelson said...

Artfully arranged space that I just LOVE! What a FABULOUS transfer-mantion! :) Soooo beautiful.

Thank you for visiting sweet friend. I'll be back~


Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I'm fascinated by your work.

Unknown said...

Hey Kathy! I love this work space! Its adorable!!

Leanne said...

Kathy, I remember your space from last year -- it was amazing what you did then ... I hope you do get a room of your own when you move though, mainly because I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hi Kathy~
You are so organized in a small space! It think you really show lots of great ideas that would be great in any size space.
Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

The black and white decor is so beautiful and elegant. I especially love how you use every square inch of your shelves, it looks loved and used...perfectly beautiful.



Dawn @ alteredartists said...

omg I adore black and white. I want to come over and work at your place too! Love!!! Thanx for stopping by~
~Dawn @ Altered Artists

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Your space is tiny but truly functional. All the sweet little coordinating details are so you! I've yet to write about my workroom space because it's always such a mess! LOL!

bertie said...

Little space that holds lots of talent and inspiration! My studio is also a small room and although I wouldn't mind a large room to create in, I still feel cozy in my little sanctuary. I also love to repurpose things and have a bazillion projects going at once! I think your space is charming and thanks for sharing it...I hope you will stop by my studio and have a peek...blessings to you...bertie

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hey Kathy! You've certainly proved large dimensions aren't needed for a creative space. A perfect little niche you've made just for you.

Thanks for sharing!

Tamatha said...

Who says a garage can't be pretty! I love the black and white color scheme. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!

Pamela said...

Love your the additions to your area Kathy! I need to work on mine.

Claudia said...

You've done a lot with a small amount of space - it is really striking. And I like the improvements you've made. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Karen Valentine said...

Kathy it looks even cuter than last year! For a tiny space, you have done so much with it! Thank you again for playing along this year. I always enjoy visiting. :) Have a lovely weekend.

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

I love your creative space. I need to make room in my basement for one. Right now I'm using my kitchen table. Not at all practical.
I really like how you decorated your space. It's so crafty and girly at the same time. It looks like a fun place to craft!


Unknown said...

I am so enjoying my little visits to everyone's creative spaces. So fun and inspiring...

And, I love how your sweet space just has a home for organized.

kluless said...

The black and white is just PERFECT - love it! Thank you for sharing!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Love your space you created! It's so feminine and stylish! Way to go! Linda

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love your color scheme! Your space is wonderful! Twyla

Sonny G said...

You always make your areas BEAUTIFUL, be they large or small.. You know how I adore Black and White so your space would be a joy for me to work in...


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Hi Kathy! I love your creative space! The black & white decor looks awesome. The new chair that you replaced the step stool with looks way more comfortable to sit in! I hope your summer is going great! I am still in Nova Scotia for another 2 weeks, so keeping up with blog reading has been a little tricky...our days are so busy! Angie xo

Terri said...

The toile and harlequin..great choice for your space! I'm thinking of all the wonderful creations that must be created there. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us. Shows us any room/garage can be made into a creative space!

A Miraculous Meliss said...

Goodwill rules! I love love love that black and white harlequin wallpaper mixed with the other prints - really delightful. One day I'll try my hand at such things. Dare to Dream indeed! I also adore those glass bottles sitting on the shelf.

Thanks for your La-boratory love!


Something Special said...

You have done well with your creative place! I love your little space in your garage. It reminds me of my space with the black and white accents. so cute and I am your newest follower. Come say hi and see mine!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I love your space Kathy!!! I bought the same fabric that you refinished your chair in and I love it! (the french one) I just posted it, thank you for sharing it with us :)

DeeDee said...

Thanks for visitng my place..I can certainly see where you and I would be wonderful crafts buddies.. our tastes are lots alike.. we could so brain storm some pure loveliness... so nice to meet you... :D

Annette said...

Wow - you are my new hero! You creative so beautifully from the cutest, tiniest space I've seen! This was my first visit and I perused your blog and saw some of the wonderful things you create! I'm now a follower :)
Thank you so much for visiting my space and leaving a comment.

Tina said...

yeah another garage your space and it looks so lovely and lived in - I need to add some curtains to my tables, like your toile, I think it will add some more style to my space.

thanks for stopping by and checking out my joint and the sweet comment.

have a great week
embellishments by tina

Jo said...

You've worked so hard to make your creative space special! Thanks for the tour.

Stitchfork said...

Love your black and white creative space. And I think the best part is the upside curtain fabric!!
xo Cathy

Becca Bertotti said...

What a great space to create, Kathy !! I'm super envious !! You've thought of everything, and it's fun for us to see where you perform your magic !! xo

BECKY said...

Love your creative space, gal! It is so you!! All the little details are so lovely! Love the skirt on the bench, and the harlequin back splash! I have to show mine next year!!
Hugs to you, sweetie!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Kathy, this is great! I need a spot like this in my garage to do the really painty, big, projects. I guess I could show under my deck, lol, cause that's where the spray painting happens! Love the black/white theme. it's a wonderful spot! xoxo Debra

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for visiting my studio, I love your little space. I really like the black and white harlequin backdrop, always been one of my favourites. It doesn't matter how much space you have, creative people can create anywhere.

Visit anytime,

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha kathy,
You've created a charming space for your creativity; I love it! I remember your space from last years party. You haven't done a little, you've done a lot and I think it's wonderful work.
I love black and white, actually blk and off white. For last years party when I was trying to get organize for the party, I scoured this one local chain store for these containers I wanted to use, and had to scrounge all I could get in black and cream, hopping from one store to the next.
Thanks for sharing your charming creative space, it was great visiting with you.

connie casement said...

Thanks for visiting my studio...the girl cave...
I love your color really have made the most of your space and it so well done...bravo...I love to work in a area that is pretty...
I hope when you move you get your little studio..I can ahrldy wait to see what you do with it,,,
i am so inspired to clean up and organize the area in the garage where I do some of my painting..sanding..drilling...
Thanks for sharing ..

Jane said...

Hi Kathy,
I enjoyed seeing your creative space again this year. I think you did a great job carving out a little part of the garage that is just for you. When I look at the pictures I would never guess it was part of the garage because you have made it so pretty. I love the black and white background and skirt on the table.
It's fun to see where you create all of your great projects.

Anne said...

I love your space - what a difference you've made to it. Happy creating!!

The Single Nester said...

Love the space. If I were to take a shot of my creative space, it would be my dining room table. Not good!

Unknown said...

Your creative space is a treat. It looks like you have vision and look at how fabby this spot is becoming. It already is fabby and I think you probably have a fab time in there! (hee-hee) *smiles* Norma

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy,
Oh I just love it. You added the black and white that I love and it looks fantastic. The skirt is great and I love it upside down. Hey, no rules right?
Your space has such a Paris Chic style and looks amazing. You sure did a lot and you are so talented.

Thanks again for stopping by.
Happy Creating.
Celestina Marie

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hi Kathy! So wonderful to meet you and take a tour of your beautiful space! A place for everything and everything in it's place make for a fun and inviting small space! Sorry...I get a little carried away sometimes!hee,hee,hee. Thanks so much for the tour!
xx, shell

The Feathered Nest said...

I so love your space Kathy!!!! It's just PERFECT!!!! And I know what you mean about the fabric, who cares if the pattern is upside down! I love seeing where my friends create their treasures.....yours is just wonderful!! hugs and love, Dawn

Lovey said...

Kathy! What a wonderful space for creativity!! And you have plenty of it...smiles! Loving your desk and everything on it! Sa-weet!

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Now that's using what you've got. Love how you took your small space and made it completely your own. I hope you get your creating room in your next home. Good luck to you! Hugs!

NanE said...

You done a fabulous job personalizing your space. I love all the black and white, it gives it such a happy feel. Thanks for sharing, Nan

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

I have to say, that it feels good to see that Im not the only one with pathed up walls in the back ground : ) But I think you have done a fab job on with the table area, love the fabrics. And I hope you will get your space sooner than later, cant wait to see it when it done. I love my space, even if I always gripe about the poor light, but its my space... But like you, I cant wait to get it all done. Thank you so much for stoipping by my blog and for the comment (had to laugh about your thoughts and take on what would happen if someone would put something in your space... we just got back from vacation and what do you think I have hanging in here???... A tent, two tarps and barrels...grrrrr). It will clear up, it will clear up!!!

Thanks again and it was great fun seeing your space.



Cheryl said...

I am re-visiting all the spaces, starting with A. I was in quiet a hurry last tiem round to see everything so I missed some spaces and obviously didn't gie the 'Post Comment' procedure time to complete itself, caus I know I commented on your space before!

It is lovely and second time round I am still impressed! Love Goodwill, it is on the same lines as our Charity Shope here in the UK.

Terry said...

Your space is lovely! We have a Salvation Army store nearby. My step-mom used to shop there when I was little. I had forgotten all about it. I may just take a ride down there and see what they have. Thank you for sharing your special space!

Cheryl said...

Oh my, excuse all my typo's I obviously need to NOT spend so much time on Blogs, my brain and eyes turn to mush!

Cheryl said...

Oh my, so sorry about all my typo's in my previous comment. I really should NOT spend so much time on visiting blogs - it turns my eyes and brain to mush, sorry!

Donna said...

Cute little area!!!!Thanks for sharing!!

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