Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party 2013

This post is for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Vanessa’s A Fanciful Twist blog party.  I love this whimsical party because it is something that I can do with my daughter and granddaughter.  It is also one of the few times that I get to share a peek at my granddaughter here on my blog {she is the curly haired blonde}.  She will be 3 years old this July and I have been enjoying every minute!


The first year, my son-in-law and his friend joined us.  The second year, it was just my daughter, granddaughter and I.  This year, we have some additional little friends joining us.  The stories each year are written by my daughter and this year is no exception.  So, please join us for our 2013 Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

2013 06 08_1484

Everyone knows the story of when Alice came to Wonderland, but even without Alice Wonderland held many adventures for its inhabitants. We all know the White Rabbit's always late, her pocket watch is her best friend, a constant reminder of how late she is running. But did you know, she lost it once? And who should help her find it but those two jokers, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare!

2013 06 08_1426
It all started one bright, clear day, the two had decided they needed a change of scenery, so they stuffed the Dormouse into their picnic basket, with their tea cups, and took off to find a new spot to enjoy their tea.


Eventually they came upon a spot that suited them. 

"Here," said the Hatter.

"Here," said the Hare. And they set to unpacking their picnic basket.


Shortly after they laid out their tea, the White Rabbit came rushing by. "Oh where, oh where could it be?" she mumbled.

2013 06 08_1450

"What's wrong, Rabbit?" asked the Hatter.

"Have you lost something?" asked the Hare.

"YES!" the Rabbit exclaimed, "My watch!"

2013 06 08_1445

"Your watch?" the Hatter and Hare said.

"Yes, the one I always have with me." The two shrugged, then the Hatter had an idea. He leaned over to whisper it to the Hare and then they proclaimed, "We will help you find it!"


"Oh, that would be marvelous!"  said the Rabbit, and they set out to search for the missing watch.



They checked everywhere, the land of the butterflies, the Red Queen's yard, even in the Jabberwocky's woods but they couldn't find it anywhere!

2013 06 08_1533

2013 06 08_1529

They had all but given up when they arrived back at their picnic, but then they heard something.

2013 06 08_1497

"Do you hear that?" the Hare asked.

2013 06 08_1500 
"Yes! It sounds like a watch!" exclaimed the Rabbit, who by now was getting quite excited for she had thought finding the pocket watch was surely hopeless.


"It's coming from this tea pot," said the Hatter, and lifting the lid, she revealed the Dormouse sleeping in the teapot clutching the White Rabbit's missing pocket watch!

2013 06 08_1501

"Good 'ole Dormy had it the whole time!" The Hatter exclaimed. The White Rabbit was so happy, that for once, she didn't realize she was late and she stayed to celebrate with her friends.

2013 06 08_1460

2013 06 08_1472

2013 06 08_1468

2013 06 08_1478

And a good time was had by all.

2013 06 08_1548 

The End.

I hope you enjoyed our little story! It can be a little tricky with 2 year olds! This year’s party took place at the nearby beautiful Cox Arboretum. 


Micupoftea said...

SO fun- loved the photos and the story :)
Happy Tea Times!

Sonny G said...

this gets the "too cute" award~!

vivian said...

just delightful! loved your story and those adorable little girls!

Suzy said...

Such a sweet story and the girls are adorable!

Ms Misantropia said...

Such little cutie-pies, and that green tutu is amazing!

Flora Cruft said...

Your granddaughter and her little friends are such adorable stars of your tea party! It was a delight to visit you all, such a magical time!

Now do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

I'm looking forward to serving you a home made rose macaron or two at my tea party!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

How lovely are they!!!? This was fun! Thanks! Blessings, Amy

Okio B Designs said...

Oh my gosh, that was just the cutest thing ever!


Laura S Reading said...

What a wonderful day you must have had!

Art and Sand said...

I NEED some grandchildren to play dress up with and share tea!

Cute story . . . beautiful setting . . . precious children.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning and Mad Tea Party Greetings! What a precious story and darling hatter, hare, and rabbit. This looked like so much fun to create that it's already got me planning next year's party to include more younglings. Merry Unbirthday to you all and may your muchness never wane!
P.S. I am pretty sure I need a green tutu now!

Anonymous said...

Kathy - Oh how absolutely precious. You are one very cool grandma. Those little pumpkins are darling in their dresses. Those cookies are perfect!

Swing by my party post. I have some party favors for everyone and a chance to win a prize. I think you'll enjoy the music in my little video. Check it out.

Enjoy visiting all of the parties!
`*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
(¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥

Kathryn - Collage Diva

Anonymous said...

Kathy - Oh how absolutely precious. You are one very cool grandma. Those little pumpkins are darling in their dresses. Those cookies are perfect!

Swing by my party post. I have some party favors for everyone and a chance to win a prize. I think you'll enjoy the music in my little video. Check it out.

Enjoy visiting all of the parties!
`*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
(¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥

Kathryn - Collage Diva

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

You always have the best Mad Tea Parties!!!! What fun!! I had to "borrow" an Alice, LOL, from my niece's girlfriend!!!

Cobblestone Prims said...

Ohhh they are so cute...i love your little tea parties...thanks for sharing and have a wonderful magical day
Kerstin from Germany

Ricki Treleaven said...

Kathy, I LOVED your little story. You should see the smile on my face right now! I can tell that the children are completely enchanted with the party. How much fun! Thanks for having me.

Happy Mad Tea Party!
Please stop by and visit my party!
Ricki Jill

niffy said...

Oh. My!! How absolutely precious! What a wonderful tea party!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Please, do pop by for a spot of tea!

Betty said...

You out did yourself on this party. It is so precious. Love it.

Maria Medeiros said...

Oh my cuteness!! How sweeeeeeet!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. Oh my gosh - they are so cute and made me laugh. I love their fluffy skirts. :)

Thanks for letting me share in your magical day. Drop by my tea party when you have a free moment. :)

~ Misha

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

A very sweet delightful tea party!

Shauna Henry said...

What wonderful photos! The children are absolutely adorable!

Looks like you had so much fun, thank you for sharing!

Please do stop by my party as well, but beware the Jaberwock is lurking about!


M said...

Cuteness abounds!
I want a tutu for myself, even tho I'm a grown up. said...


The Mad Tea Party cherub version!!

I think I fainted, twice for certain!!

They are beyond precious!!!

Thank you all so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥

Shell said...

Your granddaughter and all the guests are adorable. A truly lovely tea party.

Barbara Mc said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet, loved it!

Debby said...

Cutest story ever. You have to make that into a story book. So easy with Snapfish and others. Your curly headed granddaughter is just adorable. SO are the others. Where did you find the baby? So cute.

Laura said...

how adorable! they are all so cute and it looks like such fun!

This N That said...

So cute're so brave...looks like everyone had fun..

farmhouse-story said...

i agree with debby--this needs bound into a book form!! the baby was such a cute surprise, kathy, and your adorable g-daughter and friends did a fabulous job!

Createology said...

Bless you for making such wonderful memories of enchantment for these little darlings. I was enthralled. Beautiful surroundings which I just thought were your property. :o)
Happy Tea Sipping...

Coach Z said...

Nice. Great choice... mad tea with the kiddies!

Come visit:

Michelle said...

What a lovely mad tea party! Your granddaughter and friends are so adorable! The setting is perfect and what a surprise that dormy had the watch all along! Happy Partying! ~Michelle

Marilyn Miller said...

A perfect sort of tea party I must say! Thanks for the acrobatics you must have had to do.

Unknown said...

Lovely tea party! Thank you so much for hosting and for the invitation! It was delightful!

~ Deb

Tami Von Zalez said...

The green skirt was the piece de resistance!

Visiting from the Mad Tea Party.

Here is my post

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

This is about the cutest thing EVER!! Those darlings in their big skirts are too much!! Loved every line of the story and every picture! ~Zuni

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So adorable! I love their tutus and rabbit ears.

Romeo said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That is too stinking cute!!!!

"her" and Romeo

Carmen said...

Oh my, soooooo cuuuuute!!! I would have LOVED to wear those skirts when I was little. :-)

Thanks for visiting my party...

Unknown said...

How precious! Those faces and the tutu's precious!!!Thank You for inviting me to your party! I really enjoyed myself, and it looks like they did too! How cute!
~Hugs, Susan

Duni said...

Kathy, these photos are all so precious! I love the little tutu skirts. And baby with the huge clock looks adorable :) What a fun party!
Also, love your sewing/craft room, especially the inspirational art on the walls!

Rachel said...

So cute. They must have loved tea party time. :-)

Kristal said...

What an adorable party!! It looks like everyone is having such a good time. Thank you so much for inviting me.


Mad Madam Mel said...

A fabulous party, thank you so much for inviting me :)

What a wonderfully sweet picnic tea party !!

I hope you will pop by and visit my party also:

Mad Madam Mel xx

Cynthia said...

This is just too precious, Kathy, what a great time for the kids, they look so happy. They are also so gorgeous!! What great memories you will have to cherish!


Anonymous said...

This is precious! Looks like fun was had by all! Love this idea!

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

A.Dor.A.Ble! ! ! ! ! ! Tooo cute!

My Creative House said...

What a fantastic and very sweet story, all the kids are cute. Thanks for visit and sweet comment on my blog

Lisa said...

oh, what fun!! such an adorable tea party!!
thanks for having me!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Oh my gosh, they are just scrumptious! Sooo adorable!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Oh my goodness this is so so cute with the little ones! Thanks for sharing so adorable!

Hunnybee said...

The most adorable tea party yet! The dormouse was especially sweet. So glad that they found the watch and they could have their tea. Thanks so much for sharing your sweeties with us!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

OMG!! So cute and so whimsical!! Simply charming!


Celestina Marie said...

Kathy, simply darling. What a beautiful day with such sweetness.
The perfect tea party!!
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

So, so very adorable!!!...Just love this post Kathy!...

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Kathy that has to be the cutest post I have EVER seen! Just TOO adorable! I'm so sorry I missed it when it came out.....cause it meant I had to go ALL THE WAY to the end of this list of admirers!!

Little Miss Maggie said...

This was so adorable. Thanks for sharing the story with us with such cute photos.

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh so fun for you and the girls. Lots of "LaLa" love. It's funny I am meeting new "LaLa"s. I think your tradition of having a family Mad Hatter Tea Party day is fabulous. I loved my visit!
Kelley a.k.a. LaLa
Thank you so much for your visit.

Rhissanna said...

I'm late! I'm late!
Wow! This was adorable! Just wonderful! And they look like they had a great time helping you with your post!

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