Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Of The Week ~ Norma Lee Good

I came across a new blogger this past week ~ Norma Lee Good. Not just a new to me blogger, but new to the blogging world. I just had to share her with you and I hope you will check out her blog.

How lovely is this? This is how Norma Lee presents her snack size chips and such for guests to her home. You can read more about that here. What a hostess!

This is Norma Lee's master bathroom. Check out the ginormous fleur de lis! You can see more here.

You've got to check out how she transformed this door!

This is in her entry. As soon as I saw the harlequin pattern she was marked as a bloggy friend! {I'm a nut for a harlequin pattern}!

I hope that these images entice you to visit Norma Lee's blog ~ Norma Lee Good. I'm sure she'd appreciate the welcome or a quick hello!


Beverly said...

What a nice blog she has. Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction! I went to check out her blog and, you're right. It's great! Have a good day...

pk @ Room Remix

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I LOVE Norma Lee's blog. I found it last week! She is incredibly talented and inspiring!

So sweet of you to feature her!

Lou Cinda :)

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Good morning to my blog buddy in New York! Thank you so much for featuring me! You have made me feel so welcome in blogland, where everything is new to me. Thank you Kathy for your kindness, I appreciate you so much!
Norma Lee

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thanks for checking out Norma Lee's blog, Beverly!

Thanks, PK! You, too!

Thank you, Lucinda! Anything I can do to help steer some more people her way is my pleasure!

Hi Norma Lee! My pleasure!

Ashlee said...

Hey Kathy! I am so glad that you liked the chili recipe! I am posted a Chicken Chili recipe tommorrow! Happy Monday!

Mama Holli said...

Checking out your blog! Love it!
Will check out Norma Lee Good Blog!
Mama Holli

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Kathy! It's so nice of you to promote new blogs out there. I've been wanting to do that too. Thank you so much for coming by and saying hi. It's always great to hear from you.

My Desert Cottage

Moore Minutes said...

Going to check that out! You did an excellent job featuring her. :)

Anne Lorys said...

I love it when the blog love gets spread around! I have a special blog angel (two actually) who have been instrumental in gettin' the word out about my blog, so I really do appreciate when I see others do the same.
Best of luck in my giveaway!

Maria Killam said...

So fun the photos you've shown! Thanks for introducing us to her!

Anonymous said...

I like to follow Norma Lee, she is just getting started, but she has some great projects and a lot of fun commentary.

Unknown said... your and NORMALEEGOOD's blogs. Informative and entertaining.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thank you Everyone! I'm glad you have had a chance to "meet" Norma Lee, and that I came across her blog last week!

Jane B. said...

Thanks Kathy,

I'll head on over to her blog right now! Thanks for the compliment on the picture...what's funny is my 8 year old daughter took that!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous

Room to Inspire said...

Hi Kathy, I just fell in love with that harlequin box and created one for myself. I featured it on my blog today!


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