Friday, November 13, 2009

Which Do You Prefer? {Blog Question}

I've been wondering which the majority of people prefer when it comes to comments on blogs.

Most of the time I go back to a blog I've commented on to see if the blogger responds. Sometimes I get an email from the blogger in response; sometimes they come to my blog and comment on a post and mention my comment.

I also realize that there are a lot of bloggers out there with way too many followers who comment on their posts for it to be feasible to respond back on the post {or even email, for that matter}.

I've been responding to comments right on my blog post ~ but does anybody come back to see that? I've been pretty busy this week, which has made it difficult for me to respond to everyone's comments individually, so I'd appreciate your input on this subject.

Since people like to be acknowledged, my question is ~ do you prefer to have the post author respond to your comment within the post? Do you prefer they come to your blog {if you have one} and comment on one of your posts and mention your comment? Do you mind if they don't respond at all?


Shell in your Pocket said... cute blog~
sandy toe

Christina said...

I have been trying to either go to the others blog and leave a comment or respond by email. I get busy though and don't always get back to everyone. Interesting topic, I would like to see what others do or maybe expect.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I can say I never go back to a blog to see if the blogger responded. I usually wouldn't remember whose blog I commented on. I do however like when they come back to comment on my blog or email me. I don't expect it unless I asked the blogger a question though.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hi Kathy~
Isn't it tough to just do one or the other?
Sometimes I answer in the post, sometimes I answer emails.
No set way of doing it. Just depends on how much is going on in life and if someone really needs an answer :)
Have a great weekend,

Verdigris Vie said...

Great little discussion..I don't have that many comments and I have a hard time keeping up. I really do try to respond or reach out to people who connect with me, by leaving a comment back on their blog.

On the occasion that I leave a comment that warrants a response, I always check back.

On a separate note - I love it when a fellow blogger takes the time to email me.. it's so nice to read a comment in my inbox, and is an extension of a friendship. I should consider emailing people personal replies, it's a nice touch.

have i helped..? I'll check back for response..;-)

Annette said...

If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I always try to visit their blog in return to leave a comment. If they ask me a specific question such as a paint color or something, I try to send an email if they have one in their profile. Sometimes, I will also leave a comment answering the question also because I wouldn't want them to think I am ignoring them if they don't check their email often.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Kathy,
I don't usually check back to see if a blogger has responded to my comments. When I receive a comment, I usually respond with an email and try to visit that blogger at a later time if possible. However, I don't feel like I need a return visit or response from a blogger I leave a comment for. It's all so time consuming! Have a great weekend.

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

I just started blogging and I am still learning the etiquette/protocol. I looked around other blogs and noticed people answer the other person within that comment on their blog. So, that is what I've been doing. I also type their name within the comment too. Hope this helps. Love your blog!!
Alisha :-)

Anne said...

I rarely look back to see if a blogger has responded to one of my comments, but I love it when they stop by and respond in MY comments.

Technically, I should do the same thing on my blog, but I find myself responding in my comments, too.

Cathy said...

I usually don't go back to a blog to see an answer. I prefer to have the blogger visit my blog and leave a comment with the answer. If I don't ask a question, then I don't expect a response to my comment. A response is always nice, but not expected.

Stephanie said...

My preference would be to see answers in following posts (even if it's just a side note). However, if I really have a burning question I email the blog owner. I think it's the best, that way I know they see my question and they can just hit reply to answer me.
I rarely go back to a post to see if the blog owner's answer is in the comments. Actually never.
Hope this is helpful (and made sense).

Love the Decor! said...

I do try to respond when I get a comment on my blog but some days I just can't. I love when I get comments or acknowledgement for a comment I left, but never expect it. It is way to much pressure for people to feel
Like they have to respond to each and every comment.
I usually never go back to see if a comment was left on a certain post in answer to my comment.
sounds a bit confusing but I hope it helps

Heathahlee said...

I barely have enough time to read blog posts, so I never go back to see what is updated on the comments after I comment. When someone comments on my blog, I get them in my email. That way I can just zap them an email back. If they don't have email set up on their profile, I'm sorry, I just can't hunt them down to respond! : )

I think it's fastest to just shoot an email back to people. If you're asking our opinions. And I think you did. Wait...what was the question? I need a diet coke....


Lara Harris said...

I try my best to comment on someone else's blog, but it can be difficult as life does get so busy, other times I just reply on my own post...if something has really touched me, or been interesting I may email the person directly, & have had a number of people email me...I think you just do what you can and most people understand :)

Jane said...

Good Morning Kathy:
If I get a question from someone I go directly to their blog and and respond in the comment section of their latest post. My blog isn't that big so I can get to all of my comments/questions in a timely manner. This has seemed to work out OK for me.
Enjoy your weekend.

Designs on 47th Street said...

I totally agree with Darlene. I usually won't remember whose blog I asked a question on. I would much prefer the blogger email me or leave a comment on my blog...if time allows. Totally understand the time thing!!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thank you for your opinions and how you respond. I did want to know preference and if anybody returns to the post, as I have been responding to comments on each post.

I think I like the idea of commenting on the commenter's blog or sending an email better.

Thanks so much for your input!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

This really is interesting. If I ask a question or someone asks me a question, then I always go to their blog and answer the question on their blog. I never go back to a blog to look for an answer. Just my thoughts. Hope this helps. Hugs, Marty

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Personally, I prefer if the person responds on my blog. However, I respond to questions both ways, one their blog, and on mine (just in case someone else reading the question would like to know the answer too).


Katie said...

If someone asks me a specific question I like to respond via email, most blogger users have their email attached to their profile. But if they don't I try to go and respond on their blog.

If I don't recognize the person visiting, I make it a point to go to their blog. After all, if they took the time to come to mine and leave a comment, I like to return the favor. It's how I've found some of my favorite blogs.

I don't check blog posts I've already read for a response. I read so many and visit too many blogs to do that because I have a very limited amount of computer time.

2sisters said...

We try and do both, although it IS time consuming. We usually try and post a comment on the comment (because maybe someone else reading has the same question), and try to either email or leave a comment on their blog.

I personally never go back and check for a response if I have a question. If I have a question I really want answered I email the blog owner instead.

Thanks for your awesome blog!

cotedetexas said...

interesting !
I came here to thank you for your comment on my blog - too funny!!!

i never go back to read my comment. if i want to read it- i will check the box to send all the email to me directly. who can remember where you comment?

I try to thank people, if they leave their email or blog address. but i don't always get to everyone answer, it gets hard sometimes, but i do try.


Jenn Calling Home said...

Hi! Visiting via Colour me Happy today. I don't usually go back to a blog to see if the owner responded. I prefer to have them come visit my blog, or at the least, send an email. I'll be back. Always looking for design/decorating ideas.

Anonymous said...

This is a tough one. I struggled with it for a while too and then just decided to answer any questions either by e-mail or by commenting on the person's blog. Since I typically don't go back to see comments on a post where I've already commented, I just assumed others didn't either. Sometimes I will answer a question in the comments if I feel like it might be something that others are wondering about too so that they can see it. Sorry for the long comment!
pk @ Room Remix

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

I think it depends on the comment. If it's a question, an emailed answer would be good, otherwise, commenting back on your post or not at all seems fine! :)

Content in a Cottage said...

Kathy...Oh how I wish the blog comment system were easier and posting a tweet on Twitter. That would be wonderful, wouldn't it? I never go back and look in places where I've commented. That time is better spent working on new posts for my blog. ~Rosemary

Lisa Porter said...

Hi Kathy,
The best thing I ever did was have blogger also send the comment to my email inbox! I felt awful a couple of times when a reader left a comment on an older post & I never saw it till much later. Now it is so much easier to quickly reply & know that I haven't missed anyone. I try to reply to most everyone and I don't usually go back to see if an author has replied to a comment that I left. So there ya go!

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

I prefer that the author either post the response on my blog or e-mail me. I comment way too many posts on a ton of different blogs each day and would go crazy if I tried to go back to each one to see if the author replied to my comment! XD

pam said...

I think I like it when they post a comment on my blog. I guess because most of my friends are non-bloggers and very few of them "get" the whole post a comment thing. Seriously? It's not that difficult. Either way, I always think it is nice, comment or e-mail to have someone respond to a comment but I don't expect it. Because I get so few it is easy still for me to do the same.

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