Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes A Little Tension Is Good

Just wanted to share a quick organization tip that I put into action this weekend.  Since I’ve been restocking my craft closet with all these trips to Michaels and Dollar Tree, I really need to get myself organized.   Ribbon is one thing I find I buy for different projects and from the dollar bin at Michaels when I see something that catches my eye.


I have baskets to help keep things reigned in and I made tags to put on them {just need to actually get them on the baskets}, but my ribbon was taking up valuable space.  I realized that I had enough space underneath the shelving that wasn’t really being used to its fullest potential.   I wondered if a tension rod would work to go across from wall to wall and hold my ribbon. 


It does!  I did need to crack the cardboard hole in the middle on a few to get it to fit on this rod, but overall, most of them just slipped right on.  I just need to get some straight pins now to keep the ribbon neatly on the roll.  I’ve got a second tension rod for the rest of the ribbon that I’ll put underneath this one.


That stuff on the bottom needs to be cleared out.  It includes not only the silver wrapping paper you see propped up, but a long tote on the floor that holds wrapping paper and gift bags, a pillow for outside {my slider to the patio is right next to this area so it was tossed in there at the end of last Summer}, extra greenery and florals, my blog ideas binder {which needs to make it onto one of those shelves}, and a bag of moss.  This closet is at the top of my “Procrastinating List”!


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

This is a really good idea...mine are all tangled in a bin! Hum, now I just need to find a spare closet. Janell

extreme personal measures said...

Great idea! I had NEVER thought of this and was looking for an inexpensive way to store them. This will go in my binder!

Dena Pickle said...

Oh, I love this tip Kathy! I have tons of ribbon spools taking up 4 craft boxes and I usually find what I'm looking for in the 4th box!!! LOL!
I have the perfect spot for this too!
Thanks for the idea, can you see the light bulb over my head???

Shell said...

Okay, "Shut up!" That is the greatest idea! And so simple! You may be my hero today!

"Hello my name is Shell and I'm a ribbon hoarder!" I have the perfect cubby in my studio to do this!

BTW,,,Pier One has some great jars right now in the kitchen section to store odds and ends -
They come complete with a chalkboard square that you can write on. And the prices were good!

Thanks for sharing!!


Blue Creek Home said...

I am totally impressed!!! I so need to do something with all of my ribbons. They are just piled in a basket. You have inspired me to do something about my sewing/gift wrapping mess!

Melissa Miller said...

Kathy this looks great! I need to do something with all of my ribbon and you have inspired me. :)

One Cheap B*tch said...

Good thinking! I tried getting organized last night myself and it just ain't happening!

Leanne said...

Great idea Kathy. I get a lot of ribbon from the Michaels Dollar Bin too. I'm having my next We're Organized Wednesday party on April 28th. I'd love you to join if you get the chance. There will be another giveaway too.

My Cottage Charm said...

GREAT IDEA! The only prob I have, is that my craft closet is REALLY wide, so a tenstion rod wouldn't fit. I Love the idea though.
You had asked me how I did the inside of my armoire I re-did. It's just pink and white striped wallpaper. I applied it just like I would have on the walls. :) Wet & Stick! I just made sure I lined up my paper consistantly all the way throughout the armoire.
Gotta so many errands to do today!

The Tuscan Home said...

WOW!! Great tip. I have been thinking of ways to do exactly what you did with the ribbon. I can go and do this, thanks! ~Liz

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Great ideal!!! Looks like your so organized!

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

What a great idea - I love tension rods and use them inside my door casings or to hang curtains so you can see the window casings. My closet is too wide for this but should work in a book case.
Finally used the ORB I won through your giveaway, check it out on my blog.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Love it!! I SO need to do this! Really, really need to do this!

Lou Cinda :)

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I have my hanging like this in my craft closet, but some of the holes in the ribbon weren't big enough so when I turn one ribbon they all turn! I should have made the holes larger :).

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Very clever idea Kathy! I have tried several different ways to store ribbon and I usually go back to a method similar to yours.

I spend so much time trying to organize all my stuff and once it's organized, I still can't find it! LOl


Unknown said...

Organizing, isn't it just one of those aaahhh feelings. I love to look at my new organized places. I just wish they would stay that way longer. I love the idea of a tension rod to put the ribbon on, then when you get a new one you can easily take it down and add it on the rod. Great idea.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

You always have the best ideas! Love this!


Christina Rodrigues said...

I have tons of extra ribbon just in random places from past weddings...thanx for the inspiration, maybe i'll finally get organized ;) have a great rest of the week my dear!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Ribbons are my favorites! This is a fantastic idea Kathy (and your ribbons are gorgeous). Thanks for the tips.

Cheers: Evi

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