Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let The Swap Commence!

Swap partners have been assigned and notified!  I am reprinting the protocol {from the original post} below and if you have any questions please email me.  Don’t be afraid to email your partner and introduce yourself, and find out a bit more about their likes and hobbies.

swapbutton copy_thumb[5]

How, What, Why, Where, When:

  • You’d need the larger plastic container for size {mine had strawberries in it} and we’ll do little items. 
  • You’ll be paired up {or trio’d up depending on how many people join in}. 
  • You’ll need to check out your partner’s blog to see what kinds of things they like or are into. 
  • We will swap anything from embellishments that others can use in their own crafting or something you’ve found/seen that just screams your partner’s name.  It does not have to be just crafty things.
  • Everyone must be signed up by August 15th and I will send you your partner’s information a couple of days after that. 
  • Swaps should be mailed to their recipients by August 31st.

The items in the container would probably be decoration enough because they are clear and all the beautiful things will show through, but feel free to decorate the container as well. 

Once you’ve received your swap package from your partner, feel free to blog about it and share your goodies!  That’s one of the fun things about doing a swap {besides opening the package and seeing all the goodies}!

If you didn’t get to join in this swap hopefully you’ll be able to join in on the Cocktail Napkin Swap I am planning for the beginning of November.  Stay tuned for that!


Love the Decor! said...

Kathy great job on the "match" Pam and I are having fun emailing and getting to know each other .we are finding we have much in common! Thank you for all the work that went into this I appreciate it!
Oh by the way is there a set $amount we should stay with ..since I have never done a swap I just want to be sure I do it right!

Unknown said...

Hey Kathy! I haven't rec'd my partner notification yet. I'm pretty sure I commented on your original swap post to count me in.

Let me go check . . .

If I didn't, or you didn't get my comment, no worries. I'll jump on the next one.

One Cheap B*tch said...

I am very excited to do this! It's my first one!


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