Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas In The Kitchen 2011

I had such fun decorating my kitchen last Christmas because I added in a small countertop tree and a new Baking Santa, along with some baking related ornaments.  I did reuse them in the new place and they fit nicely here on the corner.


I also added some garland that I twined white lights around {on a timer} for on top of the cabinets.  There is an outlet up there, but I wasn’t going to be climbing any ladders every night to plug them in, so a timer it is!


Love the light up there!  I may just keep a couple strings of lights up there all the time.



After I took the pictures above, I found this Santa when I was food shopping this week, and added him to the mix.  That is one thing I love about some of the food stores here in Ohio ~ you can find everything in one store!


I also found this Christmas postcard wood plaque.  It has a picture hanger on the back but I decided to use it differently.  It was only $10.00 plus 30% off!


I decided to add it to the front of this tray, which I have propped up against the back of the countertop in this area.   I used museum wax to attach the plaque to the tray.  So far it’s holding.


From the package of trees I purchased, I decided to use some of the green ones here in my glass front cabinet.  I think it adds something to the whites I have in here, where the bleached trees might have gotten lost.


I’ve got my little battery operated white lights in here.  There is no outlet in or around this cabinet, so battery operated it is!



Just a few other little pieces here and there.  These next two were part of my sneak peek.



I don’t like to have a lot of stuff on my countertops, but I like to feel the holiday in here.

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Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

It all looks so festive, Kathy!


Sonny G said...

Your kitchen looks so good all decked out for
Christmas, Kathy..

I wish I had a little tree on my bar area. I think thats the cutest tree ever..


The Country Nest said...

How sweet, I love what you have done, just the right touch. The postcard on the tray is so pretty. I bet your kitchen looks so warm at night.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Kathy your kitchen looks so festive and pretty! I love your kitchen Santas and the lit garland on top of your cabinets! Love Love that cute wooded postcard plaque too!! Martina

Debbie said...

I love your kitchen! I kept changing my mind as to a favorite part. At first it was the counter top tree, and then it was the top of the cabinets, and then it was the twinkling inside of the cabinets.

Anonymous said...

I love the lights up there too and don't you just love battery operated lights? Mine don't seem to last too long though. Everything looks so pretty and cozy and warm Kathy. :)

Sue said...

ooooh... love all the whites in the cupboard and the lights on top of the cabinets. See, it's good not to have soffits! Yup, our grocery stores have everything in them. LOL I am staying away from the grand opening of Kroger today.It will be a madhouse. You'll have to come visit it soon, though- it's a good one! aahhh.... I can't find all my little trees to add to my village. I thought of you when I was looking for them this morning.

Kelly said...

I like how you used one of your cabinets for display like that. I love all the white decor in there. The little lights add even more cheer.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, your kitchen is fabulous! I don't know where to start because I love it all! I have postcard envy! I love the tray! The top of your cabinets looks great! I love the lights in the cabinet; it looks like a winter wonderland! It's all perfect! Magazine ready!

Blondie's Journal said...

How cute your kitchen looks all dressed up for Christmas! I like your idea of using a timer, I need one on my Christmas tree because I know I am going to knock it over plugging in the lights! I like what you did with the postcard, too! Very festive!


Gail said...

Kathy you have done a beautiful job with your new home for Christmas! I just love it all!!!! That little tree is just darling. In fact all your trees you've done are beautiful. I know you are enjoying yourself in your new place because it shows.

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi,Kathy. Your kitchen looks so pretty and Christmasy--I don't blame you for wanting to keep the lights up on the cabinets. They give off such a nice light. And your glass-front cabinet is beautiful with all the white. I wanted to tell you about battery-operated lights on a timer that might help you there. Go to my post on them: I bought them at Kroger, so you might still be able to find them. They're pretty neat! Merry Christmas to you and yours! ~Zuni

Susanne said...

What a beautiful kitchen, I espesially like the way you used the lights.
Wish you some peaceful advent days!

Blue Creek Home said...

Love the Christmas kitchen - my favorite is the lights inside the cabinet with all of the white - it's magical!

Unknown said...

Wow! Your house is looking beautiful. Since you seem to be in the mood, you can come and decorate mine next. I'll even move Jack out of the guest room so you won't be sneezing! :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Kathy your decorations are just so beautiful. I love everything you have done in your kitchen.
Your home should be in a magazine it is that lovely.
I think I would keep some lights up there too they look good
Hope your well honey

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Kathy...

Your kitchen looks sooo pretty all dressed up for Christmas, my friend! I love how you decorated up above the cabinets...BEAUTIFUL! The lights really are pretty and add a magical quality...don't you think? Ohhh...and I really enjoyed getting a peek into that china cabinet! I love that you added the trees! You really have some beautiful pieces in that cabinet! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas kitchen with us, my friend!

Thank you so much for coming by for a visit! I really enjoyed your sweet note, dear lady! Warmest wishes to you and your family for a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Chari @Happy To Design

Richella Parham said...

Kathy, I just enjoyed reading several posts (I'm so far behind!!). You're making your new condo look wonderfully homey and so festive as well! I love your kitchen decorations. I end up spending so much of my time in the kitchen; I'm always drawn to looking at other people's kitchens, as well. Yours looks lovely! I especially like that vintage postcard--it's just right the way you've placed it in the tray.

Hope you're having a lovely Advent season!

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