Thursday, June 19, 2014

Design Book Library ~ Barbara Streisand

There are some design books that just won’t fit on a bookshelf.  Those are coffee table books.  The next book I want to share with you falls into that grouping.  I keep my coffee table books stacked on a stool in the living room.


I’ll bet when you think of design and decorating books, Barbara Streisand is not a name that would first come to mind.  However, her book, My Passion For Design, has some wonderful photography and details her journey in designing her own home. 


I happen to like Barbara Streisand and there are many of her movies I enjoyed when I was growing up {What’s Up Doc, Hello Dolly!, and Funny Girl, to name a few} so I enjoyed reading this book and looking at the pictures of her home.


Of course, would that we all had Ms. Streisand’s budget . . .


Her style and taste is just beautiful. 



She has many different styles throughout her home.




How about your own lane of shops!





You’ll find pages with drawings brought to life.



A loft with a home gym.


An office with a stunning view that can’t possibly allow you to get any work done.


Clothes closets just for antique clothes and movie costumes.




Her guest house is more my comfort level.



Even the landscape is beautifully designed and includes a rose garden and a vegetable garden.  One thing, for sure, is that you can’t beat that view.



This is just a snippet of what is in this book, so if you like what you see here, I am pretty sure you will enjoy looking through this book and adding it to your decorating library.


Anonymous said...

I have this book and love it! Her attention to detail is amazing!It's great to see these lovely photos!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I had no idea, Kathy! Barbara Streisand? What a gorgeous home!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your books with us ~ this is pure bliss!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Wow! What an amazing home she has. That view from the desk was beautiful.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh that is a book I would really enjoy. How fun to have your own street. Thanks for the review, I need to check it out.

Blondie's Journal said...

Kathy...thanks so much for sharing this book. I think I have accumulated more decorating and design books by blogger recommendations more than anything. I love Babs, too. I wish she'd do more movies. I read somewhere that she had a fabulous home...that she actually had several differently styled home all connected. I'm curious about the "shops". Does she just keep her own things in these or are they open to the public? Very interesting. I have to check this out on Amazon.

Thanks for coming by. I'm not sure if I will get a service. Our home is a "year round" home, we don't have to close it up or anything but now we are down to going maybe 3 times over the winter. Usually I spread out the spring cleaning over several weekends in April and May. Gross as it is, it's mostly just dust, cobwebs and dead bugs in the corners! I can do it slowly that way and still have time to relax. I actually had the Beach boys also pull out some really old and invasive weeds/landscape in the front of the house. That was my BIG project this summer. To do that and landscape it over. The front faces the road and the back faces the lake so it gets neglected. So the crew did that in 1 hour. I never would have been able to pull out old evergreen bushes. It was a mess. Now I just have to work in some organic stuff and plan a design that will last forever and be maintenance free!! I guess it's all a lot of work. But hubby and I wanted to keep active over the summers rather then just watching the corn grow! lol!

Thanks always for your visits. Have you gotten all this rain?


Our Hopeful Home said...

Her home really is something else! I remember reading about it some years ago in a magazine. I couldn't believe the "shops" in her basement!
xo Kath;leen

Betty said...

I love her too. I remember when she was on the Oprah show and it was taken at her house, the one in the book. That book will be going on my to buy list.

Okio B Designs said...

She really is one classy lady. Doesn't she have a huge doll room????


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, I have been thinking of getting this book. Your feature of it really helps me decide. Love the pics of her home and the different styles. I saw the Oprah show when they visited this home a few years ago.
I really love coffee table books that are too big for the shelf but look wonderful out as part of the decor.
Such an outstanding talent.
Thanks for sharing.

20 North Ora said...

WOW! I had no idea her house was like this. Beautiful rooms. I just love all of the variety of styles. I love that green corner photo with all of the Battenburg lace pieces. Gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing!


Stacey said...

Wow! She's such a classy lady it's no surprise to me that her home is beautiful. Looks like she manages every detail beautifully.

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi, Kathy. I happened to be home one day several years ago, and happened to have Oprah on, who had Barbra as a guest. Barbra was showing Oprah her new book, and they showed a lot of the pictures, of course. So I really enjoyed seeing them again. Lovely, yes, but you're right the view is what is really magnificent. Wow. Thanks for sharing. ~Zuni

This N That said...

Thanks for sharing Kathy. That ice blue color is absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely home. Have a great weekend.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

HA! Wouldn't it be fun to tour the house, then play dress-up with the clothes in the closet and then have a garden party in said clothes :)

Art and Sand said...

Is this her house in Malibu?

I love that baby blue claw foot tub.

Ana said...

Wow, her house is absolutely beautiful. I love home design coffee table books too and I have seen hers in a bookstore before. I never thought to look through it because of what you said, Barbara Streisand is not a name that would first come to mind when it came to home decorating and design. Glad you shared, thank you Kathy. Wishing you a great weekend.


must love junk said...

I can't believe that I haven't seen this! It looks very interesting-I'll have to check it out!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I'm a huge Streisand fan so I've had a look at the book. She's just so talented in so many areas!

farmhouse-story said...

such a gorgeous home and gardens! barbara...who knew:) tfs, kathy!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I have that wonderful book and you have reminded me that I must pick it up and browse through it again...Her taste is impeccable...the interiors are over the top gorgeous!!!...and so are her gardens!

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