Friday, July 17, 2015

Guest Post ~ Wood Lighting

*The following is a guest post from my new sponsor Parrot Uncle Lighting.

Catch up with New Home Lighting Trend----Wooden Lighting

At a time surrounded by cold and lifeless technology, we may sometimes miss the past when life was simpler and greener, when family parties are about talking and sharing instead of scrolling smart phone screens, and when books are selected by going through row upon row of bookshelves, instead of inputting key words into a search bar. When it comes to lighting, nothing beats wooden lamps in arousing comfort and pleasure, which can be only experienced in nature.

Wood, dominating the making of tools for the better part of human civilization, can be shaped into an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Crafts associated with wood have ascended to a level that often goes beyond our wildest imagination. It is safe to say that they have broken people’s old, settled ideas. Toddlers to centenarians can find the magic of wooden items.


A loyal lover of wooden lamps may start from a wooden chandelier. Going by appearance, it looks magnificent; going by function, it is highly practical. Typically, a wooden chandelier features sprawling branches, each of which holds a bulb. This allows it to brighten up a huge area. With a wooden chandelier overhead, it can really create a relaxing and comforting environment, which is ideal for having supper in the dining room or exchanging some chit-chat in the living room.


The general supersize of wooden chandeliers may not fit every room in a house, say, a child’s room. On such occasions, a wooden pendant light in a cute shape may be helpful. With the wooden frame bearing the resemblance of a diamond, a pendant is able to create fanciful lighting effect. A child will fall asleep fast while lying on bed watching the magic shade on walls and ceilings.


Considering ease in moving about, wooden table or floor lamps stand out. They can be placed wherever you want and then removed to a different spot if needed. These lighting devices are loyal companions whether you are reading by the table, dozing off in front of television, or having an informal chat with a friend on the sofa.


But if you are living in a small apartment and wish to save as much space as possible, a wooden wall sconce is the optimum choice, especially one with a swing arm. It covers a wider area instead of wasting the brightness of glow.


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Kathy, those are so so cute!!!!! I totally adore the floor one!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of wooden light fixtures, Kathy! The chandelier is amazing and would add such interest to a room. I also love the floor lamp- what great texture. Thanks for sharing these wonderful options!

Okio B Designs said...

Great selection!


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