Friday, July 10, 2015

Where Bloggers Create ~ 2015


Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been 6 years that I have been participating in the Where Bloggers Create blog party!  Thanks so much to Karen of My Desert Cottage for putting this together. It is a lot of fun to share our spaces and see what everyone else’s craft rooms, sewing rooms, and studio spaces look like.


So, let’s get started with this year’s tour.  I am always looking for ways to pretty up and organize even better in my small space.  Lots of pictures ahead so grab a drink and a snack and get comfortable!


Welcome to my craft/sewing room.  This year I made a sign for over the entrance.  This Atelier sign!  Easy, quick and inexpensive to make.  If you’d like to read that post, you can find it here.


I have my mannequin here to welcome you all in!  She wears a thrift store skirt that I’ve been debating cutting up, one of my crowns, a cool necklace, as well as the broaches I’ve come across over the past couple of years at flea markets, yard and estate sales.


As always, I’ll start to the left and will bring you around the room.  Here is the screen that I added fabric to and it not only works to hide the water softener, heater, etc., but it also holds some of my Etsy items like tags and totes.



My small “work” table.  I keep little things like plastic and glassine bags, my Exacto knives, and a couple of other little bits and bobs in the drawer.  I don’t exactly get to work on top of this table, since I tend to put things that need to be put away on here.  So work table is not quite an accurate description ~ it should be called the catch-all table!


On top I have my tiered baskets, my Exacto mat, and another little basket.  I did have a non-working lamp on this table previously, but I took it off to give me just a little bit more room!  Every little bit counts in a small creative space!


It is a hard little worker though!  Besides using the little drawer, I also utilize the shelf on the bottom to hold other supplies and pending projects. 


My shelves have not changed much since last year. 






The only part that did change is where I had my fabric bins.  I now have my fabric down below on one of the bookcases.  I reorganized that here.

2015 07 07_6151

2015 07 07_6152

My bookcases are still quite jam packed with things I hope to use in some way to create with ~ peat pots, small “dollar spot” frames, empty boxes of all sizes, etc.

2015 07 07_6153

My sewing table, which has been a pleasure to work at.  I’ve been doing a lot more sewing this year both for my Etsy shop and for gifts and items for myself.


I’m still loving the toile fabric I used to skirt it and my check chair slip.  It also conceals more supplies that I can keep hidden and out of the way, like batting and fiberfil.


I’m also still loving my lamp with the lampshade I recovered a few years ago.  This little lamp really does add some nice task lighting to the table for me {especially when I’m trying to thread a needle!}. 


I added the button wall d├ęcor last year.  I found them unfinished at an online craft supply store and painted them up with paint I had on hand. 



There is a shelf above the sewing table and I continued with creative inspirational quotes to the ceiling.



A new addition this year is the shoe organizer I got for behind the door. 


I have started to decorate it a bit with lace, fabric, old hankies, etc. to dress it up.  It does hold a few things already.


Above the door I have my plate clock with the chandelier bling.  It is very easy for me to lose track of time when I am in here sewing or even just straightening up and moving things around.


Here are a few random close up shots of the different items I have on my shelves, both decorative and functional.








I love my little creative space and I love that my granddaughter thinks of it as a treasure trove.  She is always wide eyed when she comes in here ~ as am I, when I’ve got some inspiration to create!


I hope you enjoyed the tour of my creative space again this year.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s again.  I always come away with some great ideas and inspiration when I visit other’s creative spaces. 



Rhonda said...

Oh Kathy, I adore your studio so much. That lamp, your gorgeous chair. Love it all.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

OH I do love this little room of yours, it is amazing and wow,you do have it filled with so many fabulous things and so organized too.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Kathy,
Love your creative space. It is awesome. I remember your fabric organization that is really cool. Love your skirted table and pretty lamp. Awesome space to be creative.

Joy Junktion said...

You 'workshop' is just wonderful, Kathy! I am so excited about the party. This is my first time joining in, I only found Karen last year so I've been looking forward to this! So much fun! Blessings, Cindy


You have done a great job of keeping so organized in your room! I see the box I made for you in a swap! I have the one you made for me :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, Love visiting your creative space this year. Your toile is still a fav with me too and I also love the skirt with the covered chair you created. Great and unique organizing of your treasures to design with. I love that it looks so cozy and inviting. A spot to really enjoy for hours. I'm participating this year too after missing last year for the first time in 7 years. Have fun.
Hope you had a great vacation too.

Ana said...

Oh my goodness Kathy,
I too felt like your granddaughter as I virtually walked into your creative space...I was in awe of all the crafting treasures at every corner. I must say you have utilized the space very well. When one surrounds oneself with beauty and the things that make our hearts pitter patter there is bound to be loads of inspiration. Thank you for sharing.


Leanne said...

OK this is going to sound totally weird -- but I squeed when I saw the World Book dictionary on your shelf. I had exactly that edition growing up as a kid. It's hard to imagine nobody uses them any more so thanks for the way-back trip. And also, love your screen idea to hide off the necessary but not pretty.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Love you creative space! I need to refer back to your photos to help me get and stay organized! Your attention to crafty details is really awesome. I just am starting my craft room after being kicked out of the other one by hubs, so I'm just starting to get it organized. You've inspired me so!

Sue Kosec said...

Indeed your space is a treasure trove, Kathy. Thank you so much for inviting me in for a play date - I've enjoyed myself tremendously. If only it was for real!

Happy crafting!

Judy said...

Your granddaughter is right, your creative space is a treasure trove. I want to see it in person, it inspired me so much in the photos. Did you just develop your space as you went along or did you do an inspiration board? I don't think I have the creativity to create that inspiring of a space for my own crafting and creating! It is LOVELY!

bobbie said...

I really like how you have combined the functional and the decorative elements in your space ~ beautifully done!
Thanks for the peek ~

Art and Sand said...

What an absolutely awesome creative space.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy. I remember this cute studio from last year. This is my second year running and I have gotten absolutely nothing done today and I'm only up to # 35, thats you. I am having way tooooo much fun. I'm glad to be revisiting you and your beautiful treasures. Firstly love the sign you made, I so need one of those for next year. The mannequin is gorgeous, love the Singer Drawer and all that glorious fabric. I also got a giggle at your catch all table, I also have one of those. Thank-you so much for another tour around. Your newest Etsy follower too. Karen.x

Unknown said...

Such a fantastic use of space and so full of treasures. I can understand why your granddaughter likes coming in here!
Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

An Oasis in the Desert said...

You have a wonderful creative space, Kathy! It's been so interesting getting to see other bloggers creative spaces, what they like to create and how they make it work for them. You have obviously been super-creative with a small space, and it is amazing. Thanks for sharing your creative space.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you have an amazing craft room! It's so feminine and just the right size! I can only imagine that your granddaughter loves this space too because it's full of treasures! I love the sign above your door and your mannequin is wonderful! You're so organized! The way you store your fabric makes it so easy to see. I know you love this space! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Diana Seal said...

Hi Kathy, always enjoy looking at your fabulous space!
So many pretty treasures and goodies to see!
Thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

Oh my, you should have a crown on your head . . . the Queen of "Utilizing small spaces". You are a genius! I love what you have done with your space and what a great place to get away and create. Great job!!!

GranthamLynn said...

Hi. I remember coming by before. Was the screen there? I love the fabric be hind it. You have a lovely space. Thanks for sharing it and inviting us over. Have a great week.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, wow, wow. For a small room, this one holds a lot and packs a big punch. I am super impressed. I like what you did with the fabric. I may have to try that, too.

Thanks for sharing your space and allowing your mannequin to guide me around. I really enjoyed it, and learning about how you made the sign, too. It really DID sound easy to make once you explained it.

Tea in the Library said...

You have made every inch count! Obviously this room works - the proof is in all the fabulous things you create. Love your style.

Michelle said...

Such a sweet space. You've made good use of it. Love your mannequin and her crown. I'm a bit biased though. I have a serious thing for crowns. Have them in every room. Thanks for sharing your space.

Anonymous said...

Your studio is fabulous! I love the Atelier sign and mannequin. I collect vintage brooches and have been at a loss how to best display them. I'll borrow your idea, if you don't mind! I like how you store your fabric too. Thank you for sharing your pretty space.

Cynthia said...

Hi Kathy, great space and I saw hints of fabric I love folded on the shelf, aka Toile. What a creative space you have and I can see why your granddaughter is wide eyed when she visits. So many super things to see. My plan is to get my office all prettied up this year. I have a long list of things to get done for additions to the house, so cracking that soon. Thanks for sharing


Wilma said...

Kathy, your room is so wonderful, with all the treasures and beautiful ways to store them !!
I Love your shoe organizer and the lampshade !
Thank you for sharing, it's all is very inspiring !!

And...thank you so much for your visit to my place and your kind comment !

Wilma, Shabby Royale.

Gwen Simmons said...

Hi Kathy,

What a great space. It has such a good feel to it, and so many cute and whimsical touches. I absolutely love the "over the door" shoe organizer, and the way you are personalizing it is adorable. It makes me sad that I don't have a door. My studio was the original living room in this house, and just opens into halls.

Thank you so much for the tour, and thanks for stopping by my blog, A Glitch in Time, and your kind words.


Okio B Designs said...

I always love peeking into your craft room!


Createology said...

How positively refreshing to see your studio and Creative space. I adore how you have your supplies within easy reach for those moments when you have time to create. Creative Bliss and High on Life July...

Sandy said...

What a great creative space, I love the sewing machine drawer storage. Thank you for sharing your darling space.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Kathy!!! We all think it's a treasure trove!! I don't know anyone who can pack that much awesomeness into such a small space. :) So glad you joined us again. The party would not be the same without you.

Kristi said...

Your space is most definitely a treasure trove and a wonderful jewel box filled with beautiful things! I enjoyed my tour, thank you for sharing it with us♥

must love junk said...

Kathy, I love all the details of your creative space! You have so many creative ways to be organized! :)

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

I remember your space from last years party, and again a treat to see. Its fun to view how you worked out the small space to fit such great selection of supplies, materials and collections.
The screen is a brilliant idea.

Happy summer to you and many, many creative times ahead.


fairyrocks said...

Delightful array of goodies to work with. Love your visual organizing and displays. Keep smiling and creating

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