Monday, June 1, 2009

Notecards ~ The Personal Touch

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Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, texting, e-mail, instant messaging, it almost seems that handwritten notes are a thing of the past. Yet we all look forward to getting our mail - is it really for the bills and junk mail?

I found some websites that carry notecards for many people that cater to the interior decor and design profession. I've included a small sampling in this post, with links to the various companies below.
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I like to use notecards that are blank inside to send a thank you to a potential client for a consultation or to follow-up with someone I haven't heard back from yet. I may use double-stick tape to attach a business card to the inside front and write my personal message on the other side. I believe people like to receive handwritten notes and it shows that you've really put something into it by making your note personal. It shows that you took the time to think of this individual.

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With all the notecards available today, you can find one that you feel depicts you and your company best; and if you can't find it, chances are you can have it made up for a reasonable amount. Whether you are in decorating, designing, lighting, furniture, art, photography, flooring, accessories, etc., there is a card out there that best suits the face you want to put forward.

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You're more likely to be remembered for a handwritten note or thank you card than for an e-mail you've sent.

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Oh yeah, this one (above) is one of my favorites; just need it in my colors!

Fabulous Stationery's cards can also be used by realtors, new house announcements, housewarmings, etc.

Cafe Press has many notecards, as well as cards intended to be given to designers.

PinkLillyPress on Etsy had the fabulous chandelier notecards.

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Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

I totally agree! With all this technology we are getting away from the personal touches. I think personal thank you notes are a MUST if you are a business owner. Great post!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thanks Tiaa! I know I like to get mail with a personal touch.

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