Friday, February 10, 2012

I Need A New Sewing Machine

Unfortunately {and fortunately}, the time has come that I need a new sewing machine.  My 25 year old Singer is just not cutting it anymore and I take too much time adjusting, fixing and rethreading when I shouldn’t have to.  I would like to get an embroidery and sewing machine in one, like this one, as the replacement.  The Brother SE-400.


The majority of the reviews I’ve read are good, but I understand that, just like with any product, you are going to get the good and the bad as far as reviews go.   Plus, it’s in my budget.  Does anybody have this machine and if so, do you like it?  Would you recommend it?  If you have a different manufacturer’s embroidery and sewing machine, do you like it and would you recommend it?


I am definitely doing more sewing now since we moved and not working a full-time job.  I’d also like to move into making some clothes for my granddaughter, so I’d really like to have a sewing machine that I’m not cursing at every 10 minutes.  Thanks in advance for your input!



DIYbyDesign said...

I have the Viking embroidery machine and I love it. It was one of my Christmas presents and my husband got an awesome deal on it. If you want more info let me know and I can get you all the details.

Gail said...

Kathy, I wish I could help you but unfortunately I hardly know anything about sewing machines. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend, Gail

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Hey Kathy...good luck on your quest..I have been looking at sewing machines too on Amazon. I have an old Bernina (not a very expensive one) and it has been giving me fits with the would like to chuck it!...I have a friend who belongs to the local quilters guild and recommended a machine to me; however, it does not have many embroidery too is a Brother..

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

A machine that does embroider would be so fun! No I don't have that one. I have a very simple one that I've had for about 12 years. It hasn't seen much use until recently so it's in good shape.

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi, Kathy. Just so happens I was reading Consumer Reports today, and they had a BRIEF rating on sewing machines. In case this helps you, these are the 3 they chose as "great gifts": Brother Innov-is40, $400; Pfaff Select 3.0, $800; and Bernina Activa 230PE, $1,350. It says the Bernina is electronic and computerized. I hope this helps!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh gosh it looks fabulous. I am still using mine that is probalby 30 yrs. old, so can't review this one. It looks amazing. I think I would need a ton of classes to use it.

You asked about the minie rose bushes in pots. They do really well here, so I love having them. Try some and see what you think. Hugs, Marty

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey....wish I could help you but it has been so long since I even opened mine up. hahaha
I know though that you will make the right decision and love the one you buy.
Just thinking of you and wanted to come by and say hello
Have a wonderful weekend

Donna said...

I have a Bernina and it embroiders beautifully!

Okio B Designs said...

Let me know what you decide. I'm going to need a new one soon too so I'd love your feedback. I have two cheapie ones from Michael's and Kmart. I think they were $29 but I am cursing every 10 seconds when I use them...


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oooh...sorry I am of no help...just have an old Singer portable, but I wish I had one that embroiders! Keep us posted! Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Kelly said...

I wish I could be of help to you with this, but I don't even own a sewing machine! One day, I'd like to learn how to use one and begin doing all of the fun projects that I read about from everyone else.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hey Kathy~
After tossing you toss out an old Singer and get a newer machine you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.
I do not like sewing one tiny bit. But I had to get a new machine not long ago, and didn't even consider the expensive machines of a Viking or Bernina because ... I don't like to sew! LOL
So I looked at reviews, and for cheap machines, the Brother was a clear winner. The very cheap one I got is better than any machine I've had previously, but I've never had a more expensive machine to compare it too.

If I did sew a lot or enjoyed it, it would be worth the extra costs of the better machines.
Now you have lots of different kinds of answers to help you out!
Have a great weekend~

Lois' Laughlines said...

I have this exact machine. I have had it for about 3 years and I LOVE IT. I have sewn, embroidered and monogram many things. I think you will enjoy it.

Karen said...

As a sewer,quilter and embroider, let me encourage you to get out and visit your LOCAL dealers. They will be the ones to service your machine and you should build a relationship with you. These dealers have special deals on machines all the time and can give you the best advice. If you want to embroider then I advise against buying an entry level model that you will soon hate and want to upgrade. Most entry level models only embroider 4 x 4 fields and the embroidery bug hits you will soon want to be able to do larger items. Also the mid range machines offer several options available on the top of the line models, like automatic needle threading etc. If you want to concentrate on embroidery you will need to buy software to manipulate your designs which will add to the expense. TAKE YOUR TIME and do not choose a machine based on price alone, or where you can get the best deal on the internet. You must get out and get into the dealer shops in your area and ask questions and take machines for a test drive. I have a Viking Diamond and had a Designer 1. I also have a Bernina 440QE with embroidery unit and the BSR for quilting. I have been test a Babylock recently, which is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and they make a very impressive product. I think if you do your homework you will find you have more options that you realie. If you plan to do a lot of home dec, you will need a machine that can handle different thicknesses of fabric and there are considerations there as well. Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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