Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodwill Finds Continued

This post will continue my previous post on my amazing finds at Goodwill this past weekend.  Okay, so remember, no hating and all prices I’m listing were an additional 50% off.

This great Paris lingerie plaque.  It was originally $39.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Then there was a sticker with $25.00 handwritten on it; maybe for a garage sale.  Goodwill marked it at $6.99, but, as you know, I paid less than that.


Also found this Paris sign plaque!  Brand new ~ look at the back {$2.99}.


Love it!  It’s already hanging in my powder room.


This heavy garden plaque {$3.99}, which I put right outside on my baker’s rack.


This little tray {$.99} which will also be getting a coat of paint and a new paper base.


This charging station {$5.99}, with the original Target tag still on it.


Finally, the piece de resistance ~ this huge key in a frame {$22.99}!  I heard angels singing and a spot of light hit it.  I had to look around to make sure someone didn’t put it there by accident.   This is really big and really heavy!


Luckily I was the first customer of the day and the only one in there at the time, so shoving, pushing and hair pulling wasn’t necessary {I was ready though}.  You know this would be, at the least, $49.99 at Home Goods.  At Goodwill it was marked $22.99 plus it was 50% off day!!   Can I get a fist bump!?!


I think I did really well this weekend and was so happy to find some things I had on my mental list.  Getting everything on 50% off day was a bonus!  The only thing they didn’t have was tiered baskets, so I’ll be keeping the Home Goods one I posted about a couple of posts ago.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Just A Score ~ A Home Run At Goodwill!


Okay, so before I show you what I got at Goodwill this weekend, you have to promise not to hate me!  Promise?  Good, because I scored so big I was just bursting!  And, oh yeah, it was 50% off day!!!!  Prices listed are without the 50% taken off.  First up ~ I finally found a cloche {$1.99 for the set}!


I also got this little parfait dish {$.99} to use as a stand for it.  I bought a glass adhesive the last time I was at the craft store, so I just need to do that.


Once I get it, this will be perfect to showcase the Fairy Cupcake I won from Tobi at The Pink Pixie Forest.  Look Tobi ~ it’s own special place!


Along the glassware line I also found these great looking bottles {$1.99 each}.  These had been recently added to my mental list.


Two of them have bath salts in them and are still sealed.  I’ll just dump them out and use the bottles.  The other bottle I just loved.  It makes me think of a genie bottle!


I can just see these bottles with labels and some pretty bling on a ribbon hanging off the neck.


This large mason jar {$1.99}.  Loved this and I made sure it still closes properly.  It almost makes me wish I used powdered detergent so I could use it for that and label it “Soap”.

So thrilled I almost let out a yip, I found this soup tureen {$5.99}!  In perfect condition and it had the ladle!  Cross that off the mental list.



Moving on I got this lone bookend {$3.99} with a stuffed bear on it.  I just wanted it for the books section and have already taken the stuffed bear off and tossed it.


Three never used tin pails {$.59 each} and an oblong tin {$.99}.  I’ll probably cover the oblong tin in some scrapbook paper and use it as a storage piece.  The tin pails I have an idea for and I’ll put them on the side for now.


These pieces which I found very interesting.  I had seen them in the window as I was walking into the store.  They really have a lot of detail and look kind of Gothic right now, but I will be painting them Heirloom White.  These were $6.99 for the pair.


My daughter said they remind her of theatre balconies.



This old dictionary {which only goes from L-Z}, but I think the pages will come in handy for some crafting projects {$2.99}.



Now, deduct 50% off all those prices.  Woo Hoo!

Believe it or not, I’m going to have to split this into two posts!  Yes, I got that much!  So I’ll see you back here in a couple of days to show off the rest.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On ~ The Book

My daughter went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and she bought me this cute little Keep Calm and Carry On book.


It’s filled with some great quotes {some are quite funny, too} that are divided up into sections like “Crisis”, “Debt”, “Speculation” and so on.  Some of the quotes I found just thumbing through it are

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, it’s just possible you haven’t grasped the situation.”  ~ Jean Kerr

The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.” ~ Frank Hubbard

“It’s almost like seeing a guy show up at the soup kitchen in high hat and tuxedo.  It kind of makes you a little suspicious.”  ~ Congressman Gary Ackerman after Chrysler, Ford and General Motors executives went to Washington to ask for $25 billion dollars in loans – arriving in their private jets.

I also cut some of my hydrangeas this morning.  All of my bushes are blue flowers, but I have two that seem to be debating whether or not to be blue, purple or pink!


Even the butterflies love them!  Can you see it just there on the pink blossom?


This bunch will be packed up and mailed to Florida tomorrow.  Let’s hope they withstand the trip!



Friday, June 25, 2010


I stopped by Home Goods to do a quick look over for some things I will need to purchase for the client I am currently working with.  Of course, the turn over in Home Goods is quick, so by next week, everything could be totally different.  I also stopped by because I haven’t been in awhile and I’ve been wanting one of those tiered baskets.  Like this.


I’m going to Goodwill this weekend to drop some things off, so if I get lucky and see one there I will just return the Home Goods one.   They had quite a few different ones at Home Goods, but I stuck with this one at $12.99.  If I do wind up keeping it I may spray it Heirloom White.


In the stationary aisle I was really drawn to the different cocktail napkins.  Weird.  I know.  But the patterns and colors are so pretty and I was thinking they could probably be used for different projects {besides coasters}.  Here are some of the pretty packages I bought.


This one made me smile with the “It’s All About You Cupcake”.  It made me think of Night at the Museum with Mickey Rooney and how he called everyone “lunchbox”.


Loved this one just for the Eiffel Tower and Paris look to it, but the colors and flowers give it that vintagey, aged look.


The colors in the handbags are really fun looking in these napkins!


The dessert one I love the colors of and, of course, I whole-heartedly agree with the saying.


Finally, I got this package with my initial and the pink and green harlequin pattern.  One side of the package has a pink background to it


And the other side has a green background to it.


I read on someone’s blog {maybe a month ago} about a cocktail napkin swap, which would be so much fun with packages like these!  Edit:  Heather from Pixie Dust let me know that it was her blog I saw the swap mentioned on.  Thanks, Heather! If anyone knows of one, let me know ~ I’d love to join in.  Otherwise, I may just set one up myself toward the end of the Summer.  Interested?  Let me know.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Decorating With ~ Mannequins

mannequinpicPB Teen 

I was recently in Pier 1 and noticed that they had some decorative mannequins on display.  This made me realize that I have been seeing them in a lot of stores and on a lot of blogs lately. 

I thought I’d see just how many places we could find these popular forms.  Prices seem to vary although Amazon seemed to offer the lowest price on their selection.

mannequin.pbteen PB Teen




Ballard Design



Pier 1



Pier 1

What an interesting accent piece if you are putting together a sewing room for yourself or as a gift for someone who sews.  For fashion conscious teens {or adults} they serve double duty as an accessory and something to hold your accessories.

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