Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Peeks

I’m calling the Christmas decorating done for this year.  I went a lot simpler and put out less stuff, but I like it.  I still have a bit of fluffing to do, moving things around a bit, but thought I’d share a little peek of what is going on around here.

2012 11 27_9418

I totally redid the little tree I put in our master bedroom, from whimsical looking with bright colored ornaments, to something neutral and more natural looking.  I bought some ornaments from bloggy friends and there’s burlap involved, too.

2012 11 27_9419

I’m also waiting on a new duvet from Pottery Barn {white} so I can have a nice neutral, Winter look to our bedroom.


I have one other thing I want to add to our kitchen for the counter, which I hope to pick up tomorrow.

2012 11 25_9455

2012 11 25_9456

I’ll share a bit of a Christmas home tour next week, once I’m satisfied with how everything is looking and can get good pictures.  

2012 11 26_9450


Did I say I kept it simple? 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decorating With Your Existing Decor

Lazy? Maybe. I prefer to think of it as being creative using what I’ve got. I have no room in our new place to store everyday things to make room for seasonal decorating.  I try to incorporate seasonal décor into my existing décor whenever I can.  I decided to try this idea for several topiaries I have throughout our home.  This is one of two on our fireplace mantel.

2012 11 25_9401

I picked up some berry picks at Christmas Tree Shops for $.69 each and cut them apart.

2012 11 25_9404

I then placed the smaller berry picks, that I got from cutting, into the topiaries.

2012 11 25_9406

2012 11 25_9408

Instant Christmas décor and I didn’t spend a lot of money or have to store them!  Here’s one from our kitchen {that I moved to get better light for the photo}.


I even added some to my ivy topiary on the hall tree in our very small entry.


After Christmas, I can just remove the berries and we’re back to normal.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink & White

I showed you the makeover I did on one of the three wood platters I picked up at the local antique mart here.  This second one also got pink and white, but I did it a little differently.  This time I painted the whole thing in Antoinette chalk paint and then taped off for stripes.

2012 11 07_9170

I used the Pure White chalk paint for the stripes.  It reminded me of an awning over a French bakery, or patisserie, so, of course, I used another graphic on this one, too.  This time I used this one {also from The Graphics Fairy}.


I used the top portion of the graphic {I previously used the bottom portion on a terracotta pot}.  I used the Mod Podge transfer method again on this project.  Here it is just after applying clear wax.

2012 11 14_9269

I did come back in and add more white on the ends.  This would look great hanging on a backsplash, wall or propped up on a plate stand. 

2012 11 14_9267


Monday, November 26, 2012

Wood Tote Makeover

In case you missed my tote makeover when I guest posted over at The Copper Coconut, I’m posting it here today while I continue my Christmas decorating.

I found this one at our local antique mart for $8.00.  Kind of plain but I liked the shape and size.

2012 11 02_9089

I started out by painting it with my Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White. 

2012 11 13_9251

I then added a graphic to each side; this one from Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict.


I used the Mod Podge method to transfer the graphic to the tote.  Using a toner printed/copied graphic {I copy mine at the library}, I cut my image as close as possible.  The image must be printed in reverse/mirror image.

2012 11 13_9252

2012 11 13_9253

Apply Mod Podge to the image side and apply to your piece.  Gently smooth it out and then, walk away.  I generally leave mine to dry overnight. 

2012 11 13_9276

The next morning, I wet a paper towel and wipe it over the paper.   Just to get it wet enough so that I can rub my finger over it.  It will come up like this.

2012 11 14_9260

Using light pressure, rub your finger over the paper until it starts to come up.   This is what it looked like after my first go over.

2012 11 14_9262

Once it is done, you can wax it or apply a coat of polyurethane for protection.  I applied a coat of clear wax  to the entire piece once I was done.

2012 11 14_9266

A new look for a plain old wood tote!

2012 11 14_9274

2012 11 14_9273


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday

This is a great time to be purchasing your holiday gifts!  Lots of sales and that includes my Etsy shop! 

Expressive Creations banner

I’ve joined in on the Cyber Monday deals by offering 30% off in my Etsy shop on in-stock items {does not include custom orders, which most of my towels are, sorry. I do have some towels already made that are available and discountable! Email me to see if I have a towel you might be interested in ready to ship}.  Here is a small sampling of what’s available.





Use code CYBERMON30 to get your discount.  Sale ends Monday night!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Gifts Under $10.00

While I was making some things for the Holiday Market, I thought that some of them might make for great holiday gifts.  Best of all, they cost under $10.00!  It’s early to be posting about Christmas for me, but when you are making gifts it can never be too early.

2012 10 20_8895

Decorate a dollar store prayer candle with scrapbook paper.  Embellish with some crinkled seam binding.  Candle – $1.00; scrapbook paper – 12x12 sheet $.59; crinkled seam binding – approx. $1.00 {I buy mine in various colors in 5 yard increments off Etsy}.

2012 10 20_8897

Using that same sheet of scrapbook paper {you’ll have some left over}, cover a match box.  A two-pack of boxed matches is $1.00 at the dollar store or you can get the six box pack of mini boxes. 

2012 10 20_8896

Finally, you can find the clear, flat back decorative accent gems at the dollar store {by the mesh bag}.  Still using that one piece of scrapbook paper, you can cut out pieces to fit the gems.  Add magnets {a package is usually about $2.50 at the craft store} and you’re done!  You could present these in an Altoid tin also covered up with some scrapbook paper.

2012 10 20_8894

A coordinated gift that costs less than $10.00!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bringing A Little French To A Candlestick

I’ve had this candlestick in my Etsy shop for a few months now.


I figured I’d give it a go “as is” and if there was no interest I’d give it a transformation.  Since I took most of my Etsy stuff with me to the holiday market, I figured it was time to give it a makeover.  Using my sample pot of Antoinette chalk paint, I gave it one coat. 

2012 11 12_9242

Then I took some Antique Gold Rub n Buff, and a small brush, and went over the details with it.

2012 11 12_9246

Much more French looking, I think!  The Rub n Buff gives it a gilded look and brings out the details beautifully, where before you couldn’t really appreciate them.

2012 11 12_9249

2012 11 12_9250_edited-1

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