Tuesday, January 31, 2012


On a recent visit to the local antique and flea mart, I saw this little terrarium.  I say  little, but it is a perfect size tabletop piece.


It is not made with real glass {I think it’s plexi-glass} , which is probably just as well, but it definitely caught my eye and I kept coming back to it.  For $8.00 I had to get it!


Each side of the top flips open and the whole top is removable.


After a clean up, I wanted to play with it a little bit.   A faux Maidenhair fern that was sitting nearby.


Some faux boxwood tucked into a creamer, two stacked brown transferware cups and saucers and a little ceramic bird, all sitting on one of my ruffled runners.



Changed out the teacups for a book stack wrapped in stamped muslin.


Creamer removed and I just laid the boxwood on the bottom, the same books and my battery operated monogram candle.


Another faux arrangement taken from another room and a small green and pink cabbage leaf teapot.


I know that terrariums are known for plants, so I am going to look for some small plants to put in it.  Then I just need to find a place for it in my sunroom.  Here are some terrariums that inspired me.


Debra from Common Ground


Country Living






Pottery Barn

I know we all just put Christmas away, but I can see this will be especially fun to decorate at Christmas!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Master Bedroom Dresser

A few months ago, I was on a search for a French dresser for our master bedroom when I came across this one on Craig’s List. 


I knew it wouldn’t be staying white but wasn’t sure what color I wanted to go with.  It took me about three months to decide!  After looking around the other things we have in our master bedroom, I decided to take these two items with me when I went looking at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {ASCP} colors.  Plus, I took into consideration the quilt you see, which is on our bed.


As well as these drapes that I had gotten from Pottery Barn shortly after we moved in.


I also had my friend, Sue, with me, who provided a second set of eyes to determine which color went better!  Duck Egg was the hands down winner. 


As soon as I started putting the color on I felt happy with my choice!  Did you ever start painting a color and right away knew that you went with the right one?  Warning: Picture overload ahead!


Once I got the first coat on, I was really pleased!  It anchored this side of the bedroom more by having this darker color on the dresser and I could see it was going to work in really well with everything else I’ve been pulling together in here.


The mirror will be removed {as soon as I can get hubby for about 10 minutes} and I will be using a mirror I had in our old house.  It will also need to be painted, but I think it will work better on this wall and with this dresser.


I wasn’t sure what else I was going to do to it once I got the two coats on.  I decided to add in some Old White, which I already had, and just put it in a couple of the detailed areas. 


I don’t often mix two colors on one piece of furniture, so I decided to play it low key.


I applied some clear wax once the paint was dry.   I waited 24 hours and then put a little dark wax on.




I used some Antique Gold Rub n Buff on the hardware.   Here they are “before” in silver, which was nice, but I have no silver going on in this room.


I applied the rub n buff with a little brush. 


Once I was satisfied with the look of the dark wax, I reattached the hardware to the drawers.



I am loving it!




I waited another 24 hours after I applied the dark wax and gave it a nice buffing before I put my lamp and accessories back on the top of the dresser, but I’m not going to show you that part yet.  I’d like to have the mirror finished first to give a more complete picture of this side of the room.


This dresser is one project I can cross off my 2012 project list! 

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sneak Peek ~ Duck Egg & A Dresser

This is what I’ve been working on this week ~ finally!  It only took me three months to decide on the color.


I went with the Annie Sloan Duck Egg and so far I am loving it! 



Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Alice On The Side


Last week, I went with my friend Sue to a couple of antique marts in the area and I came across this book.


For $4.00 I had to pick it up!  Not only was Alice in Wonderland the theme for my daughter’s baby shower tea party, but last year we did a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party here {joining in with Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist}.   This book has great graphics throughout; mostly black and white, but also some color images.



I love the cover and the pages.  It is in excellent condition and I shall look forward to reading this to my granddaughter in a few years.  For now, I think I’ll just take a look through it.  It’s been years since I read about Alice’s adventures!


I also got the chalk paint for my master bedroom dresser and, hopefully, I am doing that as you are reading this! 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vanity Top

I had to come up with something to share to celebrate the 100th Tabletop Tuesday over at Marty’s A Stroll Thru Life linky party.  Congratulations, Marty, on this marvelous milestone! 

After looking at the pictures I took of the total picture overhaul I posted about here, I thought I’d share the “tabletop” of this vanity.


Everything I have used here I had and, although they were in different spots in our old house, they all traveled with us when we moved a few months ago. 


The lovely lavender in the peat pot came from Becky at Junk to Joy.


The apothecaries hold egg soaps.  I’ve had these for a couple of years now and got those from Dawn at The Feathered Nest.


The bottle with jeweled crown and the harlequin tumbler came from Home Good’s about two years ago.  The tumbler had been in the clearance section; I use it to hold my make-up brushes.


I like having this spot where I can add a little pretty to our master bathroom!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Total Picture Overhaul

I had saved this picture from donation before we moved because I really liked the frame and thought I might be able to do something with it once we were in our new place.


After reading a post over at {oc cottage} and how she used chalkboard contact paper on a few projects, I wondered if it might work for this frame.


I can’t get the back open without causing possible damage  {it must be glued in someway} and the glass is only over the actual print.  The linen look fabric “mat” is exposed.


To start, I taped off the glass and the fabric “mat”.



I had gotten samples of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {ASCP} Paris Grey and Old Ochre over the Summer.  I used the Old Ochre on our hall tree prior to our move {you can see that here}, and thought I’d give the Paris Grey a try on this frame.


When that dried I dry brushed some ASCP Old White over the whole thing, but focusing a little more on the detailed areas. 




As for the chalkboard contact paper, I’ll let you in on my secret for dealing with it and not getting bubbles, ripples or any other bumps.  Don’t take the backing off the contact paper.  That’s right.  Don’t take it off.  After cutting the piece to size and using an x-acto knife for a smooth cut, I used double stick tape on the back of the chalkboard paper and attached it to the glass with that.   Smooooooth!


I used a piece of chalk and just went over the whole chalkboard surface because I wasn’t sure if you should treat it as regular chalkboard and “season” it.



I’ve added a little clear wax and I think I may leave it at that.  With the white dry brushed on, I don’t think I need to add anything more with the dark wax. 


For now I propped it on our bathroom vanity until I figure out where I want to put it.   Maybe I’ll get a Command hook and have it hang down in front of this section of the mirror. 

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