Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soup For One

I stopped off in TJ Maxx the other day looking to see if I couldn’t find the brown and white transferware rabbit plates I had seen on a couple of blogs.  My Home Goods did not have any.  In fact, they had a pretty sad selection of dishes. I love brown and white transferware and I love rabbits.   TJ Maxx wasn’t much better, although I did find this.


An individual serving soup tureen.  A very sweet piece with a very sweet price of $4.99.  I wanted two {one for my husband and one for me}.  They had one.   So I will have to check back with them and see if they get any others in.  I just need one more!


It has a pretty leaf pattern on it.


I figured I’d set up a couple of different place settings using it, just to make it feel even worse that I only found one.  First I tried it with a set of dishes I have with some creams and browns.


This is the Country Living set from Kmart.


Then I tried it with our every day dishes.  These white ones from Walmart.


The color goes perfectly with them, as does the raised dots going around the top.


Keep your fingers crossed for me that, when I go back next week to check, they have just one more that I can get.  Otherwise, it’s soup for one!


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whimsical Console Table

I found this console table at the local antique mart.  It was a little more than I was looking to spend for something I would be painting {$40.00} and I had hoped for something a little longer, but all-in-all it should work in the sunroom.  It is solid wood and a hefty piece.


I was looking for something specifically with a bottom shelf for the baskets that hold my granddaughter’s toys.  Since it will only hold one, I have had to go through the two baskets and condense them down to one with the things she really plays with.  First order of business was to paint it!

2012 10 26_9035

I gave it two coats of Old Ochre chalk paint.  While I would love to do an image or two on the shelf and top, I know they would just be covered up, so I decided to go another route to give this table a little something.  I pulled out my harlequin stencil and did that on the top and shelf in Coco chalk paint.

2012 10 26_9036

Then I taped off stripes on the sides and painted those in Coco as well.

2012 10 26_9042

As soon as I get more blue tape to do the sides of the table, I will use clear and dark wax to finish it off. 


I would love to put my terrarium {made over here} in this room and on this table top.  Just for kicks I put it here for some pictures just to see how it would look.



Reality dictates that this is what will be here.

2012 10 26_9048


You can see how an image centered on the top and shelf would have been wasted.   Once I sort through those toys, I’ll get her toy basket on the shelf.

2012 10 26_9049

You will notice that the before picture shows a drawer.  Knowing that my granddaughter would pull on the drawer, and since I have no real use for it right now, I just turned the table around.

2012 10 14_88832012 10 26_9042

I think this will keep things looking a lot neater in here!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Gaggle Of Girly Aprons

As I’m starting to take stock of what I have ready for the holiday market {it is less than a month away now!}, I want to make sure I have enough of certain items and know when to stop on others.  I like to think the little girl aprons will be liked and here are some recent ones I did. 






I also have a couple of adult size.  One that expired from my Etsy and this one.


2012 10 21_8951

I don’t know how many more of these I will do for the market as it sometimes takes me a little while to decide how I want to embellish each one.  These are truly one of a kind as I like to try different looks on each.

2012 09 23_8626

As always, if you see anything you like and would like to customize color of trim or ribbon, please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tea Towel Time!

I was able to slip in a little sewing this week while my husband was on vacation.  I managed to get a few tea towels done.  These will be going with me to the holiday market, but I will have the same designs in my Etsy.  I can customize {plain or color ruffle}, so email me if you see something you like but want to change it up a little.


I got a bunch of Holiday designs done.

2012 10 21_8926






As well as a few for everyday display.

2012 10 21_8934


These images can also be made into pillows, put on aprons or totes, so again, feel free to contact me for a custom order.  Turn around time is about 5-7 days. I have several  more images just waiting to be used, so they will be up next.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunroom Valances

The sunroom valances are done enough to show.  Seven windows!  Keep in mind that I am not a professional and they are not perfect.  I am very happy with the outcome. Here is a picture of the sunroom without valances {and before we painted}. 


We have the top down/bottom up shades in here so privacy and light control were not an issue.  I just wanted to soften the windows up and add some fabric to the room.  I had found this linen fabric at Hobby Lobby.


You can read about what I did to embellish these valances here.  I wound up not leaving them straight across the bottom as I had originally shown when I did my first one.


Come in and see {before I move the baby’s things back in}!

2012 10 20_8914

Sonya at Beyond the Screen Door was right.  She told me the straight lines might get to me!  So I lifted them up at points to make the bottom more scalloped.


I liked them so much better immediately!  I opened the shades up all the way so you could get a feel for the whole room.   Here are a couple of morning shots where you can see the sun hitting the beaded trim.

2012 10 21_8919

2012 10 21_8920

2012 10 21_8922

The pictures below are afternoon shots.

2012 10 20_8899

It’s not a lot of fabric, but it is enough to give this room a warm feeling, and the sun looks wonderful coming through the fabric and the beaded trim.

2012 10 20_8902

Because it is like being in a fishbowl, I generally open the shades halfway ~ either from the top or the bottom depending on my mood.

2012 10 20_8905

2012 10 20_8907

2012 10 20_8909

2012 10 20_8906

2012 10 20_8910

Here are a few close-ups to help answer any questions on what I did.   I did the pleats before I did the trims or button.

2012 10 20_8916

I pinned up the bottom to make the scallops last {and they were an after thought, not part of my original plan}.

2012 10 20_8917

2012 10 20_8918

I just need to add the covered buttons to a few and tack the scallops {which I can do while they are up}.  This is one project I am glad to be crossing off my list! 

2012 10 20_8911 

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