Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Things You Didn't Know About . . . .

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to find out 5 Things You Didn't Know About . . .

Yes, Christine at Design Esquire!

Favorite music at the moment: Please don't judge me too harshly, but I still love cheesy 80's music (The Go-Gos, The Cars, The Bangles, A-Ha, Bon Jovi, Chicago, etc.). I also like other upbeat songs from today - like the new one from Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling. This is out of left field, but I also always have Louis Prima's greatest hits in my car CD player (it's taped live and incredible).

If you didn't live where you do, where would you live: This is a tough one. I went to law school in Philadelphia and loved the town, but I may want to head a little further South (like North Carolina). If I hit the lottery, my answer would be Sonoma, California.
Favorite cocktail: Red wine. Perfect for the upcoming cold weather!

Best advice you ever received: I think I learned this when I was a Daisy in Girl Scouts - "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold." That is a good life lesson.

Person you most admire: My mother. She hasn't had an easy life, but she is continually moving forward and stays positive, and she is always so giving towards others. Through it all, she has maintained a good sense of humor too.

Thank you, Christine! It was great getting to know more about you {I love the 80's music, too}!

Be sure to join us next week to learn 5 Things You Didn't Know About . . . someone else!

Make sure to check back on Sunday when I will be posting a new giveaway! Very exciting {I know, I always say that}!

You can click here to see all the posts in this series.

You may have noticed that I didn't have a Blog Of The Week feature this week; I ran out of bloggers that offered themselves up for this. If you are up for being featured here on my blog {it is normally a Monday feature} please let me know; you can email me or leave me a comment and I'll get in touch. The only thing I ask is that your blog have something to do with home decor in one way or another and that you include pictures in your blog posts.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's The Little Details ~

Do you notice the little details? Sometimes they are quirky or whimsical, in your face or very subtle. I found this website today and thought I'd share some of the details in these window treatments.

Corset look tieback

Leather corset look tieback

Layered shade

Ribbon edge panel

Scallop top drape

Scallop top drape

These delightful details come from Liz Ware of Details Pattern Company, who has been designing and sewing her own creations for years. From the website: Patterns featuring her original designs are inspired by runway fashion and Hollywood glamour, and her patterns capture those same details for the window fashions industry. She also creates patterns that revisit classic styles to include couture details.

The details can make the difference!

All photos from Details Pattern Company website.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Fix-Ups On A Budget

The newspapers weren't interested in my Fall Tips article, so their loss is my blog's gain!

As Summer comes to an end thoughts turn to cozying up our homes. It’s always nice to save a little money. Here are some tips on getting the best bang for your buck and a great look to boot.

Bring in some baskets. Not only will they add texture and warmth to a room, they can be utilized for storing anything from firewood to games to keeping the remotes corralled.

Savannah Baskets, Pottery Barn, $24.00

Havana Baskets, Pottery Barn, $27.00

Rather than purchase a whole new bedding set, purchase a patterned flat or fitted sheet to dress up a current solid set.

Waverly Garden Images, JC Penney, $19.99

In addition, pillow shams are sold separately and can bring a secondary color or pattern into the bedroom as well. Check out Bed, Bath & Beyond and JC Penney Outlet.

Montreal pillow sham, JC Penney, $9.99

Change out throw pillows in your living room and den for a quick update. Even better if you can find them with a different pattern on each side. You can even make your own pillow covers to cover up existing pillows by using napkins, tablecloths or placemats. Fabric glue and hem tape can be used if you don’t sew.

Existing floral arrangements can be changed up by simply adding pinecones, leaves or branches. Instant Fall arrangement! Look in your own backyard or these filler pieces can even be found at your local dollar store.

Change out your artwork using scrap booking papers, wallpaper or fabric in frames. It’s also a good way to use what would otherwise be an expensive wallpaper or fabric purchase, but still give you a taste of it.

Scrapbook Paper pad, Walmart, $17.88

Inexpensive frames can be found at yard sales, thrift stores and even in your own basement. A little black or white spray paint and you’ve got a whole new frame!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little Etsy Shopping Spree

I went a little Etsy crazy this week and wanted to share a few things I've purchased. If you haven't checked out Etsy yet, this is an online cornucopia of creative eye candy!

I purchased this 9x12 Tented Conservatory Print from annechovie {from whom I also bought notecards a couple of months ago}. I'm sure you can see how it would appeal to me!

Anne Harwell {annechovie}

I'm going to frame this one and save it for my home office.

Earlier this week, I purchased this 11x14 print entitled "Heels" from Janet Hill Studio.

Janet Hill Studio

This one I'm going to frame and hang in my closet ~ you know, by my shoes. I'll share a picture of that once I find the perfect frame and have it in place.

I don't usually buy pictures, but these two just called out to me.

Then I found this photo storage box at Ashley586 {not that I'm going to use it for photos}. I love the papers used to decorate it.

Found these next three items at Signature Expressions. My canister will have the initial "K" on it.

I just loved these tags!

Have you found something on Etsy that you just loved and had to buy?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finally ~ Fixin' Up For Fall

I had to make a return to Michaels today, so, of course, I prepared a list of things I wanted to get while I was there. I decided to splurge and get the white pumpkins I saw a few weeks ago. After seeing all the inspiration pictures from the different blogs I've been reading the past two weeks, I knew I wanted to try stamping, stickers, and all that other great stuff to dress them up. Luckily, they were on sale.

I bought these stickers and the smaller size pumpkin to work with.

Within a few minutes I had this:

That's one pumpkin in front of a mirror. I did a different design sticker on the back so that after Halloween I can still have it out until Thanksgiving. A multi-functioning pumpkin ~ love it! I will probably move it from that spot, unless I add some other decoration to hide the reflection.

Fall side:

First thing this morning, I moved my large planter from between the two garage doors to the back for painting. This planter is so old and, as you can see, these coleus are begging to be put out of their misery! I gave the pot two coats of black spray paint before I headed out to Michaels, figuring it would be dry and ready for me by the time I got home.

Here is the after {with my crazy Siberian Husky, Misty Blue, managing to get in the picture}. Whenever I bring flowers or plants home she comes over and smells them. She thought these were real ~ crazy dog.

And here it is back where it belongs, with our house number on them.

I also bought these items to put together something for my front door. I got a half horn, one bush of flowers, one bush of grasses, three filler pieces, a half round of foam, some Fall wire-ribbon, and a 3M hook {those easily removable ones}.

Within a half hour I had this. I have no talent for making bows so I just did a regular bow and wired it onto the front.

Quick and easy projects. That's me done, except for some Halloween decorations that I still have to find in the attic and drag downstairs. I'm more of a decorate-like-crazy-for-Christmas kind of gal!

And The Winner Is . . . . .

The Warehouse Fabrics Inc. giveaway was a lot of fun! I would definitely do this again {just in case you're reading Warehouse Fabrics Inc. folks : )}.

So, without any further delay, the trusty random number generator at picked # 51 ~ NICO Designs! Congratulations!

I hope to have another giveaway in the next couple of weeks, so I hope you'll stick around!

If you'd be interested in offering a giveaway item on my blog, please feel free to shoot me an email kathyp{at}creativehomeexpressions{dot}com.

Did you notice I added something new to my posts? A signature! What do you think? Not sure yet if I like it or not.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hooked On Fun Drapes

I'm sharing this post over at Julia's Hooked on Houses feature today. This week I'm "Hooked On" the look of these drapes with the attached valance in a different fabric, {some of which also have a trim where the fabrics meet}. They really add a lot of interest to a window! I think they also add a bit of fun {and whimsy} to a room as well.

I was inspired to write this post after reading Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy's interview of colour expert, Jane Hall.

From Half Priced Drapes:

From Smith and Noble:

All photos below are from Jane Hall Design. Absolutely gorgeous, aren't they?

From Pretty Organized Palace blog:

What do you think? I think these would be pretty simple to put together if you sew and even if you don't, adding a second fabric to the top of store-bought drapes is fairly easy {or you can just take it to the seamstress/tailor at the dry cleaners and they will attach it for you}.

Friday is the last day to enter my Warehouse Fabrics Inc. Giveaway!

~ Pampered Pets ~

Why not? You enjoy decorating your home and take pleasure in making it into a beautiful and welcoming place. What if you could coordinate your pet's bed with the other rooms in your home?

I came across THE. MOST. ADORABLE items for your pet. I'm going to let them speak for themselves. All of these items are from Jakey BB on Etsy.

Medium Designer Bed

Luxury Pillow Bed

I think this one is my favorite ~ it has "my" colors!

Je t'aime Bed

Italian Gate Bed

Green Bones Bed

Garden Party Bed

Red Bones Leash Hook

Pretty in Pink Leash Hook

Butter Swirl Leash Hook

Blue Swirl Leash Hook

Autumn Provenance Leash Hook

AND, as if that wasn't enough ~ there are Toy Boxes that go with these! Did you ever do that trip and foot roll over your dog's bone or step on your pooch's squeaky toy in the middle of the night as you try to make a quiet trip to the bathroom? Yeah ~ toy boxes . . .

What great gift ideas, too!

All photos from jakeybb on Etsy.
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