Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Day Planner

2012 12 18_9805

One of the things I like to start fresh with for the New Year is a new wall calendar in my kitchen and a new day planner for my desk.  While there are lots of designs to choose from for wall calendars, day planners don’t have too much to offer ~ they are usually plain and come in several solid colors. 

2012 12 18_9791

Like this black one I picked up at Walmart.  It was the least expensive one they had with the lay-flat binding.  I decided to alter it a bit to suit me better.  Grabbing a variety of scrapbook papers, tags and embellishments that I already had I got to work.

2012 12 18_9792

2012 12 18_9793

I used this glue tape to attach the papers to the book.  I did the back and front outside covers with this document paper that has a black background.

2012 12 18_9794

On top of that I layered this decorative cut chipboard piece, covered with another paper.  I used glue dots to attach it to the covered front of the book, which gave it some dimension.

2012 12 18_9795

I added some sticker numbers for the year, that I had from a set of letters and numbers, and a few wood clock faces.

2012 12 18_9796

The back got the same black document paper, but no additional embellishments.

2012 12 18_9801

On the inside, I did the inside front and back covers.  I added two pockets, one to each inside cover.  For now I tucked tags in there, but these would be good to hold appointment cards, receipts, stamps or anything that needs your immediate attention on a day-to-day basis.

2012 12 18_9798

2012 12 18_9803

2012 12 18_9802

Then I just did the facing page in the front. 

2012 12 18_9799

I didn’t add anything to the inside pages, as yet.  I figure I may do that as I go along, if I decide to do it at all. 

2012 12 18_9800

All set to go once 2013 arrives and I think it is more customized for me this way!

2012 12 18_9807

Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 ~ A Project Year In Review

As 2012 comes to a close, I thought it would be nice to have a record in one post of my projects for 2012.  Plus, we have family visiting so project time is limited!  I’ll limit these to my favorites since this post would be way too long if I listed them all! 

In January I painted a French dresser I found through Craig’s List.  It was my first time trying a color {Duck Egg} in the chalk paints other than the neutrals.


In February, I made chair slips out of  white tablecloths found at the thrift store for our dining area chairs, after finding inspiration from other blogs and on Pinterest.


March found me over at my daughter’s house finishing up the makeover on my granddaughter’s bedroom.  Going from what was a room decorated for little boys when they moved in to a girly girl room.


In April I had a lot going on ~ 30 posts for the month!  I’ll have to go with the organizing of my craft/sewing room for this month.  It made it a lot easier to find things and maneuver around this small room.


In May, I also had a lot of different projects and it is hard to choose which is my favorite for this month.  I think it’s a tie between this magazine holder makeover


and the side tables in the guest room.


In June, we fixed up our laundry room area, which also has the garage entrance to our condo, the hallway to my craft/sewing room, as well as an entrance into the kitchen. 


In July, we replaced carpet with new wood flooring in the main areas of the condo.  I shared the first two rooms we did, office and dining room, here.


I had quite a few projects in August, big and little, but I think my favorite was the new look the mirror in our main bathroom got just from adding a frame.


September was no different, lots of projects to pick from as a favorite, but I think this little accent table I made over has to be my favorite for this month.


In October I breathed a sigh of relief that I finally completed the valances for our sunroom.

2012 10 20_8910

November didn’t have anything exciting going on, but I think this memo board was a favorite from a headed to the trash piece.


Finally, in December, since I was getting ready for Christmas I think my favorite for this month was the Frosty hat I made.  I’d wanted one for awhile now and, after seeing an easy tutorial, I made my own.


So that’s a review of some of my favorite projects of 2012.  I’m sure I say this every year, but my goal for 2013 will be to use up things I already have on hand before purchasing more or new.  Between fabric, paint, and craft supplies, I have more than enough to challenge myself to use them.

Monday, December 24, 2012


A few years ago, I found these red and white snowflake dishes at the dollar store and picked up two as everyday dinner dishes to use during the holiday season.


While doing my Christmas food shopping at Kroger the other day, I came across these bowls {$1.00 each}.


While not a perfect match {and no dinner plates to be found that matched}, I thought they would work well with the dishes I already had.  I think they do!

2012 12 19_9811

I also found these drinking glasses with snowflakes going all around and picked up two of them {2 for $3.00}.


And I couldn’t resist these handled glasses with their Christmas message and images {also 2 for $3.00}.  Having just bought eggnog, I could see it being served up in these.


The placemats are those thick solid ones that I got a year or so ago.  I just found them in the attic the other day, still in their wrapper, and set them up on the table.  They are from either Tuesday Morning or Home Goods and I probably bought them at after Christmas clearance.


One place setting totals $3.50!  Can’t go wrong at that price! 


Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Rug For The Living Room

After we had put in the wood flooring throughout our condo a few months ago, I put down this area rug in our living room temporarily to see how a rug would look and until I could get one that fit in better ~ size and color wise.


Well, I did finally find a new area rug for the living room!  I got a bigger size {8x10} and it was under $200.00, on sale.  Plus out of the several they had with black in it, I liked it the best.

2012 12 13_9755

After Christmas, it will have to move over toward the window more {where the tree presently is} as well as move under the sofa a bit, but I’m liking the bigger size.  The temporary one is a 5x7. 

2012 12 13_9756

The black, cream and beige goes well in this room and I like the little touch of red thrown in.   I think it needs to be walked on and “rest” a bit to get some of the ripples out from the rolling up.

2012 12 13_9759

I also got the door size to put over by our front door.  This one had even more ripples.  Any tips on getting the ripples out so it will lay flat?  I moved the temporary one into the sunroom.

2012 12 13_9754

2012 12 13_9750

I really love this rug and am glad I have a place I can use it. 

2012 12 13_9751

All the shades of brown and beige work in here with the furniture, flooring, wall color, and window treatments.

2012 12 13_9753

So, it’s almost like getting two rugs for the price of one with this switcheroo!

In the event I don’t post again before Christmas ~ I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Made With Love

I’ve got some handmade gifts thrown in with my store bought gifts for Christmas.   I already showed you one here.  This can be done as a “no sew” project, but because I used remnants {and decided to add a trim} there was sewing involved for me.  This is the pattern I purchased on Etsy.

2012 12 12_9710

When I found these two fleece fabrics in the Joann’s remnant bins, I knew I had to get them and make something with them.  I couldn’t resist the “I Love Grandma” for my granddaughter {which I had already cut into before I remembered to take a picture}.

2012 12 12_9711

My daughter loves owls so I knew I had to come up with something for her as well.  Ponchos seemed the easiest thing to do other than a fleece throw.  I actually used a poncho I found at Goodwill to get the size to cut for my granddaughter’s.

2012 12 08_9689

I had to sew this one together {front to back} because of the way the remnant was cut.  I also sewed around the neckline and added this really cute pink pompom trim.

2012 12 08_9688

Whenever I see pompom trim it reminds me of curtains my Mom made for the bedroom I shared growing up in Brooklyn.   I have it positioned on my little wire mannequin, which is probably too little, hence the clothespins holding it on.


Here is the owl one for my daughter.  More pompom trim on this one ~ in purple.

2012 12 16_9772

I am modeling this one since I don’t have a full size mannequin.    This was the last gift and I’m glad to say I’m done! 

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