Monday, July 18, 2011

Cloche Decor

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life is having one of her legendary cloche parties and I am linking this post up to the party!   I always have a problem coming up with new things to showcase under my cloches, because once I find something I like, I usually just leave it.   I’m hoping there are some new people reading so I can slip some of my already seen cloches in here!


These mini cloches are the most recent cloches I purchased and they are from Willow House.


I put them in the French tray I remade from a plain wood tray that was headed for the garbage.  One of my favorite cloches, and one that I have had set up this way for awhile now, is my wine cork cloche. 


I keep this in my dining room and I’m still happy with the look, so it hasn’t changed.  I got all these corks from my friend, Marsha, and I think of her every time I see this cloche.


Not really a cloche, but I love this little nest with the bird tag.


Lastly, my cloche from a dome clock I bought at a yard sale.  Reinvented for my purposes.


I love these letter balls I got from the dollar spot at Michaels.


I’ll spare you the other cloches that have remained the same.  I am determined to find some new things to showcase under my cloches though, so next party I should be fresh!  I’m hoping to pick up some new ideas from the other participants.

On a totally different note, lots going on here, which is kind of cramping my creative side.  I hope to share what’s going on with you soon.



Sarah said...

Kathy, fun ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Kathy,
I love the mini cloches and the way you have them displayed. I'm like you, I pretty much leave mine the way they are. Which is why I didn't join the party. I've already shown them a few times. Maybe I need to go buy some more! LOL!

Can't wait to find out what you've been up to.


Karena said...

Hi Kathy I love to see your ideas, the numbers are a cool one!


Art by Karena

Be sure to enter my Giveaway of a very special painting.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Hi Kathy,

Well, I'm like you, once I put something under a cloche I don't change it :) Love yours!!!!


Pamela said...

These are so wonderful Kathy!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Great displays Kathy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I love all your cloches.I love the mini cloches.So cute.


Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hey, I haven't seen them all. So it was fun to see what you were doing. I like doing holiday ones, but we can save those for a little later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I love seeing your creativeness with your cloches! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I like all your cloche designs!


Kristens Creations said...

Cute ideas Kathy! You can do so much with a cloche! Can you believe this heat? I heard NY is experiencing this heat too. This is one year that I will be glad to see fall. I seem to get into a noncreative rut in the summer anyway, so I know it will pass. I have got to get myself back on track!! I hope you are enjoying your summer despite the heat! Glad you stopped by...Have a great week! Kristen

Okio B Designs said...

I love those little ones from Willow Home! I actually just bought a butter dish from Home Goods that I plan on using as a cloche.


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Kathy!
Love your clock done with the graphic numbers.
So cute!

Natasha @ Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive, 365 said...

I love all of your cloche displays. I haven't seen them before so they look fabulous to me!

Happy Wednesday!

Best wishes,

Room to Inspire said...

All of your cloches are great! I especially love the one filled with wine corks...yes, you had me at wine!


ladychiara said...

Kathy I love your cloches. How clever to re-purpose an old dome clock cover as a cloche! (I have one of those somewhere)Thanks for sharing :)

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Hi Kathy,

I would have to say your cloche with the wine corks is one of my favorite. I love the fern tag you added. Beautiful! The cute set of 3 cloches are perfect for your tray. The letters balls are just FUN!


Sonny G said...

With your massive creative skills, I knew you'd come up with unique , beautiful displays and you surely did..

Gail said...

Kathy, I never get tried of seeing your cloches! Beautifully displayed.

Have a wonderful day,

Marianne said...

Hi Kathy,
What great ideas you have. I'm loving your cloche with the wine corks. ANd those letter balls are just darling.
Marianne :)

Becca Bertotti said...

What FUN cloches, Kathy! And, I love how you've chosen to display different (and unexpected) items in there! Might have to snag the lettered balls idea ... I saw those at Home Goods not to long ago ... wanted to put them in a bowl, but thought they'd be too tempting for my 5 year old to hurl around the house! LOL. If they're protected under a cloche ... well, that just might work! Thanks for sharing. xo

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I had to slip a couple of 'already seen' in to. ;-) Your ideas are all so cute. I like the tags and love the numbered balls inside the last one. I think I remember that post and you showed how you made them. So cute!


xinex said...

Oh I love your cloches. Very cute!..Christine

Decor To Adore said...

Your cloche vignettes are absolutely lovely!

I hope that you will stop by and enter my giveaway.

Karyn said...

Hi Kathy! You're to funny... Most of my cloches are the same old as I can't change them either... Your new mini cloches are cute and the tray is great! I love the lettered balls and the bird's nest as I basically have the same ones, lol! You have impeccable taste :) Have a great week!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh, they are all wonderful. I love the idea of the corks, I have a ton so I will borrow this idea for sure. The hang tags are gorgeous. You have such beautiful vignettes. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

Unknown said...

Great ideas, I love the little nest its adorable

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Those little cloches are so cute and love your repurposed tray. I'm on the lookout for some corks...they look so great under glass. Hope all is well.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Those three little cloches are so sweet in the tray...I love that look!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, Love your displays with your cloches. I must go to Michaels and look for the letter balls. I think they would be great in my toile studio. Don't you just love the dollar spot at Micheals?
Your tray is awesome and the little nest is darling in the jar. I have that same jar and love it.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Have a creative week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Kathy, All of your cloches are wonderful and I especially love the mini ones.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I like them all - you have some great ideas.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

They're all beautiful but the wine cork one is my favorite!

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