Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Little Birdies

Last week I decided to start getting the supplies I needed to paint the side tables in the guest bedroom.  Thanks to Korrie at Red Hen Home, I discovered a gel stain that goes right on without having to strip and just a simple scuff sanding, which is always a blessing to me {cause I’m lazy}.   This is Antique Walnut.


Once it arrived from Amazon, I knew it was time to go get the ASCP I wanted to try ~ French Linen.  Luckily the stockist I bought from has pieces in her shop that she paints with the ASCP so you get to see it up close and personal.


Of course, you have to walk around because this shop is set up with booths, too, and there are some wonderful treasures in here.  I wish I could find a place close to home like this one with available booth space {she’s filled up}.  It’s much prettier than my local antique and flea mart.  I found these pretty little silver birds. Update:  There is a slight gold undertone under the silver, which appears to be showing up in the post pictures. 


And gave them a home on the shelf in my bathroom with all the other silver pieces.


I’d been looking for some little silver birds and I really  liked the look of these.  The little one is my favorite!


Also, I wanted to find some kind of small dish or bowl to hold the Paris soaps my sister-in-law got me.  I came across this candle holder and thought I could remove the spike.  Couldn’t do it, so I bent it and then thought some of the charms I have in my supplies might work here.


I went into my craft/sewing room and grabbed this cleaned out candle jar where I keep my charms, game pieces and the like, and pulled out a silver crown.


I broke the loop just trying to stick it onto the bent spike and wound up cutting the rest of it off.


Perfect!  Some hot glue and she’s ready to hold some little soaps.




So for about $12.00 I got some new little pieces to add to my bathroom that make me happy!


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Lori said...

Love the crowing touch, just perfect.

NanaDiana said...

I love your little birds. On my computer they look gold, not silver...weird! What a great idea with your little crowning piece on top of the candle spike. Perfect- xo Diana

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Cutie birdies. They look gold on my computer :)

Where there's a will, there's a way, great little soap dish!!!


The Tuscan Home said...

Adorable Kathy! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! Love those little birds and crownS! :)
Thank you for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Olive said...

I do not like sanding either. Thanks for the gel tip. The wee crown is darling and finished that piece perfectly:)

Blondie's Journal said...

The little birds are so sweet and I love your soap dish! The crown is darling! Have a great week, Kathy!


Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Hi, Kathy. One of my in-the-near-future purchases is going to be a Dremel tool, and I was reminded of that when you were trying to get rid of the pointy holder--I wonder if it would've worked on it? But no matter, becuase it actually ended up being prettier/more interesting with the crown on it--genius on your part! The whole little vignette looks great! ~Zuni

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Love the birds! I have some little silver ones that I love too...they seem to fit in anywhere! And great job on the soap display...that crown was the perfect touch! Thise little soaps are so cute too!

Can't wait to see the end tables.

Lou Cinda

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Kathy I have that same table in my living room, it's from the Bombay shop and I painted it french linen a few months ago. LOVE the pretty vignette you have on top of yours!!

Designing Domesticity said...

That's really cute and very creative. Thanks for sharing, liz

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I have the same table from Bombay in my guest room bathroom....Just painted it with ASCP...

Your project turned out wonderful....as always my dear...

Gail said...

Great finds Kathy and I love your little birds! That little crown is adorable on your little soap dish that you created. Thanks for the tip on the gel stain. I can't wait to hear how you like it and if it worked for you. I want to order some. Enjoy your day, Gail

Jodie said...

Your birds are darling. I think the little one is my favorite tool. You should definitely get a Dremel. Or perhaps borrow one. It would have definitely taken your pointy thing off. However, make sure you take it outside. It makes LOTS of sparks. Not they I would really know that first hand. :/. Oops!

Sue said...

I have a weakness for little birds and these are just adorable. You better put them away before I come visiting you~ LOL Another great little project for your little candle holder. The crown looks so sweet on top.

Amy Chalmers said...

I love those birds~and don't they look pretty next to French Linen...they look gold on my monitor to~I guess gold or silver works with French Linen.

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