Monday, May 18, 2009

Wallpaper Or Art ~ It Can Be Both

Photo courtesy of Thibaut

There are some beautiful wallpapers out there and while I love them, I just can't bring myself to wallpaper an entire room. However, I can still enjoy the lovely patterns that are out there by using the wallpaper in other ways.

Photos courtesy of All Posters and Real Simple

Framing pieces of wallpaper and using them in lieu of actual pictures. Not only am I getting some of that beauty I'm admiring, but an inexpensive way to add some art to my walls! You can do individual pieces or hang three together in a tryptich.

Photos courtesy of HGTV

Photo courtesy of Thibaut

Cover an old room screen, (or make your own with narrow solid doors) with wallpaper. This makes for a nice focal point in a room that doesn't have one or adds that "certain something" to an empty corner. Some striking screens are done with the papers such as the one pictured above from Thibaut.

Photo courtesy of

To dress up an otherwise plain window, a wood cornice can be put together quite simply and covered with wallpaper. This can dress up a window with blinds or shades without having to add drapes or valances.

Photo courtesy of Country Living

Another great way to use small amounts of wallpaper for a big impact is to line the back wall of bookshelves with it.

There are many other uses for wallpaper; small trashcans, magazine holders, book covers, take a look around and see where you can use it!

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