Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cute Mini Clipboards

I had bought a few of these mini clipboards a week or two ago from Target’s dollar section for $.70 each.  I knew I was going to cover them with scrapbook paper and I utilized two blogger’s tutorials for this project. 


Hold on ~ let me just check my Blog Projects binder so I can tell you who . . .


Ah, here they are ~ Amanda from Imperfectly Beautiful {I just realized Amanda did the mini notebooks, too!} and Controlling My Chaos.  {See how handy that is? And I can give proper credit to the blogs I saw them on!}.



Just so you realize that not every project comes out perfectly, I believe that because these mini clipboards are shiny it made it difficult for the Mod Podge to stick.  Two of the scrapbook papers I used were thick and one was a bit thinner, and I had the same problem with all three papers coming up.  Even after I did a top coat of Mod Podge!   I wound up redoing the areas that were coming up, putting Mod Podge all around the edges, as well as another coat on top, and that seemed to keep them adhered.

Here are the three of them.  All three are different as far as color and design of the papers used.


I did one with the pink damask that matches the prayer candle and mini notebook I covered a few weeks ago.  I’m thinking of adding some more pieces of ribbon to the clip part.


I did one with a Paris Eiffel Tower paper and added a Paris tag that I had purchased off Etsy several months ago.  The colors work so well together!


The last one is a little different and I haven’t added any tag or anything {yet}, because I thought the paper was enough by itself.


The pink damask clipboard will be joining it’s friends and will become a set that will be going for auction at one of the local school’s Fashion Show and Auction, along with one of my gift certificates {good toward a one hour interior redesign consultation}.  How does that look?



Apparently, they make up huge baskets to auction off, so this will probably go in a basket with some other, related items that someone will bid on.  I think something like this makes a nice gift set on its own as well.

Linking up with Weekend Wrap-up at Tatertots and Jello.



leelea said...

Love them!!!! I love, love, love the dollar spot at target!!!!!

Red Door Home said...

Clever as always!

Angie Acapella said...

the perfect little gift set! I first thought the cylinder was a coffee mug, but remembered the candle you made. But one of those coffee mugs that you can add pics or papers to would be cute in your matching gift set. I love the Eiffel Tower one.

Jackie said...

Love them both! great job....Eiffel is my fav! Have a good weekend!

Jane said...

These look great. I love all of the papers that you used, especially the Paris one!
Someone is going to get a great gift with the pink set you made.

Christine said...

I love it all! The pink damask is awesome! Someone is going to be very lucky to win your gift basket

Coupon Clippin Mommy said...

So cute! I must have missed those at our dollar spot.

Lady Pamela said...

Now I can see how valuable a Blog Project Binder would be. I will build one for myself. Thank you for all the great tips.

The French Bear said...

What an awesome idea, you are so clever! I love the Paris one, I think I have some of that paper somewhere..... they are all beautiful!!!
It's a perfect idea to have handy for collecting ideas and projects.
Thanks for sharing!
Margaret B

Tammy@InStitches said...

What a great gift !

Jen @ said...

Beautiful Kathy! Those clipboards are darling. And what a cute set to be auctioned! Someone will be happy to get that!

I love it!


Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

So not only are you a daring designing woman, you're a creatively craft one as well! :)

You have wonderful ideas to share, Kathy. I just wish I had the time to tackle even half of them.


Anonymous said...

First of all love your clipboards! A can either rough up the shiny stuff with some sandpaper or if you use spray adhesive spray the clipboard and the paper let it set for a few seconds and then put paper great!

I just started my blog notebook and am loving it! As soon as I get my scrap area put back together i am going to decorate it.

Thanks for all of the idea, inspiration and links!

livelaughscrap88 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

These turned out great, and I love the idea of your little gift set. Very cute!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kathy, those are SO cute! I haven't made any, but won one of them in a giveaway once & it comes in handy. Thank you for coming by to see me, it's always appreciated. Maybe you can get in on the Thrifty Monday party this time around. It was a lot of fun last year.

Unknown said...

Those are great! Super cute! Ok ... your Blog Projects Binder is AWESOME!! I have a hard time remembering where I found ideas and spend so much time digging through my favorite blogs to see them again ... your binder is the PERFECT solution. I think I'll borrow that idea! Thanks for stopping by Our Journey and commenting on my latest project ... glad you liked the ribbon alternative!

Krissy said...

I love the pink Damask set. You have some incredible projects here through out, love them!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

What cute clipboards. Love the french one, of course.


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Love them all--tghe Paris one is my fave-CA UUTE!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love those!!

My Casa Bella said...

OOHH, I like your mini cb as well. Yes, they need lots of ribbon. Love the paris one! You'll need to post them when you're finish with them, can't wait to see.

2sisters said...

I would love to be able to bid on a basket of cute stuff you've made (and especially the 1 hour consultation). They turned out great!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Super cute! Thanks for the link love. I love your blog projects binder too. So smart. I bet if you sanded the plastic clipboards a bit, the paper would stick better with the Mod Podge. It's worth a try next time.

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