Friday, October 9, 2015

Cubicle Decorating

The office where I work part-time recently moved ~ cubicles and all.  I decided I would like to dress up one of my cubicle walls where I have just push pinned some family pictures.  I got this idea after seeing how some plastic holders were attached to the cubicle walls with Velcro and they seemed to be holding up.  I figured if the Velcro could hold up plastic holders they could hold up light weight picture frames.


I got these frames at Michael’s.  I see them whenever I’m there but could never come up with anything to do with them until now.  I already started painting one before I remembered to take a picture!


You can see how thin these wood frames are from this side view.


I painted all the frames and, once they were dry, I measured out some self-adhesive Velcro from a roll I bought at Walmart.  On the little square ones I used Velcro dots that I already had in my craft room.


I just used the rough side of the Velcro; since the cubicle walls are fabric the Velcro sticks right on them!


Here is a part of my cubicle wall, where I already took down two of the pictures.


Here are my new framed pictures on the cubicle wall.  A much nicer look, I think!


It’s like a mini gallery wall!


Cubicle walls can look nicely decorated, too!  Fingers crossed they’re still attached when I go into work tomorrow.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is a really fun idea, Kathy...I'll bet you have the best looking cubicle in the place!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Kathy, Great idea and it looks wonderful. Love those frames. I know you have the best decorated cubicle. Everyone's going to want to copy your idea.
Have a nice weekend. cm

Blondie's Journal said...

Great idea, Kathy ...looks good and I think you may start a trend in your office! I love those velcro things. My kitchen window ledge tilts down a bit and everything slides off...plants, candles, etc., a few things shattered. Now I have everything on those velcro strips.

Happy Weekend! :)

Jane x

Joy Junktion said...

Super idea! I don't have a cubicle but my office could definitely use a little sweet flare and that just might be a great addition! Thanks for sharing, Cindy

Sonny G said...

wow. Love the new wall and those frames.

Unknown said...

I never know what to do with those. I droll over them every time I go into Michaels. What an inspiring post, I'm thinking glitter! And framing my kidos art work with them. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea.

The Glitter Tart aka Caroline

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

How fun is this idea. I love it.

Createology said...

Really Great idea and now your cubicle has an elegant vibe. Creative Bliss...

Okio B Designs said...

Really cute idea. Cubicles can be so boring. You should see what else the velcro will hold on there.


SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

They look great! I have seen those at Michael's also and wondered what I could do with them. I don't have a cubicle to decorate, though I am looking for a part time job.... :)

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

Great idea! Pinning this idea to share and show my daughter who I'm sure will love to use this idea when she returned to her work cubicle after maternity leave. Gotta show off that adorable grandson of mine!!!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

That was a great idea, because its pretty hard to make a cubicle looking pretty. I bet you have the best looking cubicle around!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, what a great idea! I love these frames. They look great painted and holding your family photos. What a fantastic idea that allows flexibility by adding the Velcro. Thanks for sharing this with us.

handmade by amalia said...

This looks lovely, Kathy, a home away from home.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

What a GREAT idea, Kathy!

Why am I NOT surprised that you also decorate your work space? : - )


Cynthia said...

Such a pretty touch Kathy. How's that new baby love bug doing??


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