Thursday, January 6, 2011

Children’s Furniture ~ It Ain’t What It Used To Be

Child size furniture has come a long way from the recliners we bought for our kids {back in the early 90’s} from sellers from North Carolina that took over an empty parking lot.   Today’s pieces have fabulous fabrics and designs, and there are many sources besides those I mention here.

The Ava Chair, pictured below, is a line of children’s furniture from Jennifer Delonge.  There is also an adult line, so the children’s furniture could work with the adult size furniture.



Check out the legs on this table and bench set!  Who wouldn’t like that feature on their adult size table?


For the more traditional minded, how about the Parker wing chair.  Couldn’t you just see a little one reading their book sitting in this chair?


These pieces are from the Jennifer Delonge line and you can visit the website here.   There are many choices in fabric for the upholstered pieces.


From I found this cute upholstered accent chair {above}.


I want one of these Diva chaises from Target for myself!  And how cute is this sofa, also from Target.


Below is a beautiful chair and ottoman from Bograd Kids.  They have many other styles and fabrics to choose from, too. 


I found this little table and {four} Windsor chairs for FREE!  Someone was throwing them out after they didn’t sell at a yard sale. 


We’ll be giving this charming set a refresher with some Heirloom White paint and it will be perfect for tea parties!  I hope to get started on this sometime in the near future and will share it with you when it is done.



DIYbyDesign said...

Can't wait to see it finished. Love heirloom white.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I love love love the little diva chaise lounge and that first one is so retro. I think I have some fabric like that!!

Oh, what fun you are going to have with tea parties!!!


Miss Obara said...

Can't wait to see your finsished project! I just LOVE the table you pictured....I want to be little again!

One Cheap B*tch said...

You're telling me. I can't even flip through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog anymore. I want everything!


Creative Grammie said...

What wonderful kiddie furniture, so adorable. I must admit, I'm partial to the pink "diva" chaise. Hehehe.
I can't wait to see what you do with the Windsor set.
Have fun!

Jen @ said...

Wow - I want some of that furniture for ME! How cute!!!


Allyson Pecilunas said...

That furniture is so cute!! I cant wait to see how you transform your new little table. Have a good week

I started a new blog come check it out if you get a chance

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Kathy,
If you get a chance, please come over to my I Owe it All to Him blog...I did a feature on you!!

Karen said...

I was watching Candice Olsen's new show last week and they were featuring a few pint size chairs with style there too. If I would have had the $$ when mine were small I would have loved the traditional white chair.

Pamela said...

Score!! Can;t wait to see it when you are done Kathy!

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