Friday, May 21, 2010

Dressing a Bookcase & Using Some Fabric

We put one of the bookcases that was in my great room back in there {my son took the other one for his room} and I was able to take out some of my books to put back in it.   I decided to give some thought to placement as I brought the books back in, and make sure to mingle some decorative accessories in there, too. 


I’ve been shopping the house for things to add in with the books {I still need to move some boxes around} and for the time being, I’ve added in a couple of the items I made for my boutique.


After stepping back, I wasn’t thrilled with how it all looked, and thought that maybe if I dressed up the back of the shelves, that might help.  I thought I had enough of a red and white toile fabric to do this, so that is what I decided to use {especially since I already have red in this room}.  Here is a picture with my test piece of fabric.


I got some foam board and after measuring the length and height of the shelves, cut pieces to fit inside the bookcase.  I decided not to do anything that would be permanent, so that I don’t do any damage to the bookcase and I can change it out on a whim.  The foam board with the fabric attached to it fits snugly inside the bookcase.


Then, disaster struck!  OMG!  I ran out of the toile fabric!  The never-ending bolt ended!  Quick, what to do?  I decided to alternate every other shelf with the toile {whew, just enough to do that} and in between I used a black and white harlequin patterned wrapping paper.



This will work for the meantime.  Maybe I’ll find enough of a remnant at Joann’s to finish it up with the toile.  I also still need to add some accessories in {once I find those boxes} and the rest of my books.  At least I have used up some fabric from the challenge I gave myself here!

Meanwhile, I found these pictures to add to this post.  Rhoda at Southern Hospitality did her bookcase with a variety of scrapbook papers.  {This bookcase is in her office nook; make sure you check it out if you’re over there}.


And, Nester did her china cabinet with a variety of scrapbook papers as well! 


So it appears I’m in good company!  What do you think?  Do you like it better with the toile all the way?  I do like the picture where I had the first two shelves done in the toile. 

{On a side note, my hubby made two of these bookcases for me for Christmas one year.  He took such care to make them just right for me, adding some decorative molding to the sides; staining and putting polyurethane on them that I just can’t paint them}. 


Loui♥ said...

Good morning K~..
I think I prefer the red Toile on ALL the shelves..
Why not add some RED photo frames and a RED vase to the mix?
warmest hugs.. Loui♥

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Hi Kathy!

I was wondering why you weren't going to paint it black :) and now I know!

I like it with the different fabric and/or different patterns on the back!

Can't wait to see what you finally decide!


the cape on the corner said...

oh, looks so much better and exciting that way. i have these hideously cheap and cheaply made bookcases that i would love to get rid of, but it isn't a project to be tackled yet. i love this idea, and i think it might tide me over until we can do what i really want, which is for the boyfriend to make open shelving.

Heathahlee said...

I have a HUGE bookcase that I have wanted to paint and put red toile on the shelves, as well! I like the red toile the best. : )

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I have that same toile pattern wallpaper and I put it on the back of my china cabinet! Love it both ways but I am partial to toile all the way!!! I can't bring myself to paint anything wood that my hubby made or we bought brand new. It just goes against every ounce of HIS being!!! Great job!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love the toile, it is so pretty. Great bookcase. Hugs, Marty

Jen @ said...

So fun Kathy! I love both of those. Maybe the toile is my favorite though :) Looks great!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, i love the red toile on all the shelves...Kathy

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Amazing ideas dear Kathy! /I never thought of this by the way/. I love how your bookcase turned out...

Have a great weekend!

Cheers: Evi

Ps: My first giveaway post is up. Check it out when you have some time.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Kathy,
I like the mix of the two fabrics. Looks very tres chic!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great idea! Love the patterns on the back, it really makes the books and other pieces pop. :) Hope you have a happy weekend, and thanks for visiting my little garden house. Lidy

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hi Kathy~
I often use the foam board trick, too.
So easy to change your decor without repainting or papering.
The red toile is a lovely back drop.

Have a great weekend, Donna

Anonymous said...

What a fun, creative and inexpensive way to dress up the bookshelves! I've toyed with the foam board idea myself since there's no way I want to do anything permanent to the wood in my built-ins.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

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